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1/48th Monogram Me-262

Another of the older Monogram offerings just completed this evening. I had been waiting on some decals from yet another generous fellow modeler to complete it. I thought sure I had some appropriate markings in the stash, but alas, none to be fo[...]

Monogram OA-4M Skyhawk

A few weeks back, I bought a lot of nine (9) "old" Monogram kits for a mere $60 (couldn't pass it up). Among them was this two-place 'Scooter'. I had been awaiting a canopy mask set, as I am too lazy [read: inept] to mask them myself. As luck wo[...]

1/72 AMT/Matchbox Hunting Percival Provost T Mk. 1

The name is longer than the model. This was an easy build, and addition to my British trainers. The last couple shots show size comparison with the DeHavilland Chipmunk. Both are dwarfed by the T-28 Trojan. of the same era.. At this point I[...]


I'm currently working on a 1/144 Minicraft DC-8 and Zvezda Tu-154M as a change of pace. I realized that the last airliners I built were the A330 and 767 shown here. I thought I would share them. The A330 is a Revell kit built in 1998. It's [...]

1/350 I-400 by Tamiya

The I-400 class of submarines were the largest undersea vessels of World War II. They were designed to give Japan the ability to launch stealth attacks on distant targets and sneak away undetected. Speaking of which, it is even rumored that t[...]

1/700 Columbo Express by Revell Germany

When launched, the Columbo Express was the largest ship in the world, capable of hauling 1800 containers of cargo at once. She was the largest ship ever launched to be driven by just one propeller. Yet, despite her size, she is crewed by fewe[...]

Hasegawa 1/32 Ki. 61-I hei

To my mind, the Ki.61 is the best-looking Japanese fighter of World War II. This is the Hasegawa kit, built OOB other than use of Lifelike Decals. The Ki. 61 was one of the few Japanese fighters that could even get to the altitude the B-29 ope[...]

USS Wilkes DD441 Done!

Well here she is completed! Did not add every bit of PE, and since detail shots of Wilkes are hard to find I had to be creative and use other ships close to her configuration for things like the floater net baskets, but I am pretty happy overal[...]

Keepin’ it Hien…

Hey there's a theme here somewhere's. Here's my 1/32 Hasegawa Hien, in the colors of 18 Sentai, on home defense. Some pretty tailfeathers I think. All markings are sprayed on 'cept numbers and letters and the kill eagles. Base is my usual Alclad[...]

1/48 Monogram F9F-2 Panther

I thought I'd try to back date the F9F-5 to the 2 version, and so, rounded the tail a little. I'm not sure how accurate that is, but it looked ok to me. My collection needed a "Blue Angel", and I thought this would be a good place to begin. A[...]