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1/48 Glencoe Spad XIIIC.1

This has to be a re-issue of a re-issue, etc. Copyright on the instructions reads "1995". The best part of the kit is the "invisa-clear" Scale-Master decals. This was another 20+ part kit that I built because it looked like fun. Sitting on t[...]

Douglas RD-2 “DOLPHIN” USCG 1932

Back in the days of yore, modelers had but two recourses for getting the aircraft model of their choice: plastic kit or scratch built (usually wood construction). Then behold, VACUFORM burst upon the scene, kits of aircraft that no plastic manu[...]

AMT 1/48 F7F Tiger cat

OK, here we go again. Let's see if this works. I built this kit many years ago and found it to be an excellent kit. The only problem I found with it was the rubber tires. I sure that anyone that had built one of these or similar had a problem w[...]

Higgins PT Boat 1/72 Scratch Built

This is a 78 ft. Higgins class PT boat used in the Mediterranean theater.I was able to locate a set of drawings showing how the boat was configured. I used an old Revell PT-109 hull cutting it down to 78 ft. and then put a new transom on it. T[...]

1/48 Lindberg Goose

I can never get enough seaplanes and amphibs ! As old and as crude as this kit is, it still builds up into a fair looking model. Being a lindberg, the price is right, even if the detailing is not. There's no interior to speak of, but you re[...]

Monogram F-80C Shooting Star “Salty Dog”

I thought I had posted these pics before but it seems that I haven't. With that in mind, Tom Cleaver's generous compliments in the "Monograms at the airport" thread" moved me to show the few pics that I do have of this model. The wind was real[...]

iModeler August Awards

Disruptions in our editorial work continued last week as yours truly went through a thoroughly frustrating network and computer upgrade of my home office. Apologies to everyone for a delay -- here are the results of our August , carefully select[...]

Monograms at the airport

In keeping with recent contributions, here's a collection of some of my 1/48 Monogram planes all photographed at the Cameron, Texas airport. I think most have been previously seen here as individual posts but here they are as a group. And, ther[...]

1/48 ESCI Henschel Hs-129

This is the old 1/48 ESCI Hs-129, which still holds it's own, from a distance. Like most my others, it's OOB. It was the Eastern Front, winter scheme that caught my attention after building my first Hs-129 in standard Luftwaffe camo.

Spitfire Vb, AB502; Wing Commander Ian R. Gleed, OC 244 Wing, Tunisia, 1943

Ian "Widge" Gleed was commissioned an RAF Pilot Officer in March 1936 and posted to 46 Squadron at Kenley. 46 was flying Gauntlets at the time but transferred to Hurricanes in 1939 Gleed was was promoted to Flight Lieutenant and joined 87 Squa[...]