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Ross Jackal North Sea Trawler 1/144

Hello everyone. This is my take on the classic kit by Revell.
All deck details were scratch built. New winches, metal masts, nets, deck dividers as well as all the railing.
The figures are 3D printed from Shapeways. Dolphins are made of miliput (forgot a couple of fins there, but we don’t talk about that…). The deck was printed on paper, glued then weathered.

WIP in the link below if anyone is interested.,32642.0.html

16 additional images. Click to enlarge.

31 responses to Ross Jackal North Sea Trawler 1/144

  1. Looks great… just how big (or small) IS that kit in 1/142nd scale anyhow…?

  2. Very nice Nikos! How did you make the railing? I had a take on it last year and made it R/C controlled. It’s still a nice model!

    @craig: This kit is about 1 ft in size

  3. Lovely work, Nikos.

  4. Wow ! this looks like a still photo of a real ship,amazing.

  5. Amazing. If I could make one model to this standard in my building ‘career’ I’d be very, very happy.


  6. very cool build and photos – love the dolphins! very nice work!

  7. Impressive build!

  8. Fantastic work Nikos (@nikosmadakis) !

    Very nice indeed, the detail with the dolphins!



  9. Cool model! I’ve spent a fair amount of time in the middle of the North Sea.
    It’s a rare occasion when it’s as calm as that, but I’ve seen it as still as a millpond before!

  10. Very cool. I read your WIP thread, but still don’t fully understand how you pulled of the the printed deck. Did you print it on a laser printer, seal it, and then weather it? It looks very good.

  11. The weathering oppourtunities on this project are immense and you sure did do them justice. Well done! Great project and I love the water. What did you use to make the base?

  12. Thank you everyone for your kind words!

  13. I’ve got to say I’d expect to get wet if I touched that water! What a great subject choice – and perfect execution!

  14. With photos like no. 5 above, the impression of “being there” is just fabulous!

  15. Excellent build, you improved amazingly that aging kit! Well done!

  16. Just so realistic. It really looks as if it is moving with the waves. Just how I see the trawlers come into Port Ballina. Love the dolphins. I bet you are very proud of this beautiful build. I hope one day I can build a boat in water as good as this.

    Thanks for showing.

  17. Thank you guys, really appreciate it.

  18. Nikos, this is awesome. It came out great…I can smell the sea salts and seaweed and some rotting fish…love the smells of the ocean and fishing villages. I live near a huge fishing village and your model looks just like the boats that come and go everyday all year long. You added some great detail, awesome weathering and finish. Beautiful sea scape. Nailed it Mate! Now I need to get a new nautical project started…maybe after my F-15 build. I have a WW2 1/350 Destroyer just waiting on the shelve. Need some parts for her like some railings. Would love to try a fishing vessel like yours.

  19. A great-looking model! Nicely weathered, and the water work is excellent also. And so what if you’ve got a few mutant dolphins along for the ride!

  20. Awesome, Nikos! I especially like the ocean. It looks like glass.

  21. Very nice, I even got mildly seasick. 🙂

  22. Neat looking “Sidewinder” Nikos , just needs a bit more rust on the hull around the “gallows” where the Otter boards come up. By the way you don’t find many dolphins around Icelandic waters.

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

    • Thank you Neil. Yes! I agree it needs more rust now that I look at it a couple of years later… I just might take it out and weather it some more. The dolphins came as an afterthought so I didn’t really research their whereabouts! Thanks for the info and taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it.

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