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Messerschmitt Bf109G-6, MT-422, Finnish Air Force, Eduard 1/48

December 25, 2020 · in Aviation · · 9 · 4.4K
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A looong time ago I built the G-6 from the "Mersu" Limited edition box from . That is a huge box with sufficient plastic for two 109's.

It was as far as I remember the second time I used the old Badger Airbrush, and the room for improvement has since been adressed in other builds.

There was a lot of photoetch in this one

not least the dreaded small red handles and some mountings for the filter.

It was also one of my first homemade nav-lights

I still have a huge variety of markings in the box, so more of these will come at a later date.

I did not post it back then, but to keep track, it has been added now so I can see how far it is till I reach 109 109's 🙂

By the way - the pilot of this one later became Chairman of IPMS Finland as some of you may have read in the instructions.

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  1. This is another one of your wonderful 109 builds, my friend @airbum!
    Looks spectacular!

    • Thank you Spiros my friend. I was quite satisfied with it at the time, but not more so than I left out the short-lived sharkmouth to use in a later build of the same plane.

  2. Again a very nice build, Erik.
    I didn't know that the Finnish used the 109 as well, so another learning point.
    Would have been nice to see the Dutch D.XXI operated next to the 109 by the Finnish airforce.

    • John, there is always a lot to learn about 109's 🙂
      The Finns used them after the wars like a few other nations. Finland was also one of the nations to use Swastikas before the Nazis did that ancient symbol no good (Latvia I think used red ones), but as a part of their agreement with the russians they changed to the cocardes.
      The D.XXI is in the stash, but most likely to become Danish when it is build.

  3. Merry Christmas Erik, another beautiful 109. Your goal of 109 109's is rather ambitious but doable. As there are so many schemes variants now available. Even the rare ones. Always a joy to see another one come out from the Gjorup iron Works, LTD. Stay safe and look forward to the next production. Need to keep the flight gear handy with you guys.

    • Chuck, and a very merry christmas to you too. Indeed there will be no need to build the same plane twice even with 109 109's - apart from the ones on the market, there are so many one can make with relatively little effort. Like the Mölder's F-1 I did - OK that one included some major surgery, but you get my point. I do not see the line closing down anytime soon, but there is starting to be room for other things that strictly 109's - they are just a lot of fun once you dig in.

  4. Erik, @airbum
    You are definitely a Bf-109 building machine my friend... 😉 Each one of them looks as good as the next. I always learn something when I read your articles or build journals. Thank you for taking the time to post these for us to enjoy.

    I pressed the "liked" button too...
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay safe.

    • Louis, they tend to catch my attention those 109's and their cousins. I am happy to share whatever I find during research and build. I do hope that some minor improvements do occur now and then 🙂
      Hopes high for the new year with all the changes we have on the horizon!

  5. Those Finnish markings look great on a 109! Nice!

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