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Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-5, Wilde Sau, Eduard, 1/48

July 14, 2019 · in Aviation · · 15 · 2.6K
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Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-5 Wilde Sau

This one has been waiting for the last few details for some time, and was actually started in October 2018! I really liked the colors of “white 1” from JG300, but sadly my airbrush skills were not up to the thin lines needed for that one. And so, almost finished, it went to the “pending” area. I decided to make an all blue one instead, and sourced the decals from another set.

First steps

And then reality set in! – I am simply not so skilled with the airbrush (yet?) that I can make these lines.

Plan B in force!
So I decide to make a uniformly colored high-flyer instead. It is a bit of a fantasy version, as the markings are sourced from another set. Nonetheless it should be fairly representative of the high-flyers.

As the gear is retracted some sort of plinth is needed – fashioned from clear rod.

The ejector-tubes are taken in use as holdfasts.

The detail in the decals are so nice.

(the picture taken with the macro-function of an Olympus TG-4)

Wingtip nav-lights fashioned from clear sprue

(see some of my builds in “Work in progress” to see how)

And a few airborne pictures.

comments welcome

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  1. Nice presentation, Erik...I like what you've done here.

  2. Erik, well done, the profile really shows how beautiful of a design the BF-109 is when in flight. Unique idea on the stand and love the scheme you don't ever see much of. I'm guessing the Eduards kit? Thanks for sharing.

  3. beautiful Erik-...i love that color...i've got a torpedo Stuka planned for it

  4. Thank you folks - nice to hear your comments!

    Craig - been fun making it even with the challenges presented.

    Chuck - would have loved to make the propeller spin.. - maybe next time 🙂 - and yes, it is the Eduard kit.

    Bob - the colour is one that will be repeated in a later build. It really stands out amongst my dark 109's

  5. Honestly, I cannot fathom your remarks on the compromised "air brush skills." This is one of the prettiest 109's I've seen here, and the scheme is absolutely stunning.

    • @davidathomas - Thank you for the kind words. I was actually trying the "White 1" colors as shown first, but had to give up on the fine lines. Since then I've been practising, but still has a "L" (learner) on my airbrush 🙂

  6. Very sharp looking 109!

  7. A beautiful build, Looks great inflight.

  8. Erik, the all blue 76 is a simple but beautiful scheme, and getting it made without the “toy” effect is almost as hard as those wavy lines camouflage you fear trying. Great looking inflight photos, and I also like the fact that you included a pilot to make it much more realistic.
    Glad to see that the blue button finally works 😉

    • @holzhamer - seems like It only works in the headlines section, not in groups, so perhaps that is the secret?

      The all RLM76 is indeed nice, and this one had plenty of primer in the form of a full paintjob in grey that was sanded, then RLM 75, sanded semigloss for decals, and finally two coats of Tamiya matt clear with sanding to blend the decals into the surface. Actually quite happy with the result after all 🙂

      The pilot is a modified Tamiya 109-E pilot where I freed the arms to reach throttle and stick.

  9. Very nice, and glad to see another in-flight build! That's a great-looking model.

  10. Nice build, Erik. It is also nice to see an Me-109 in a paint scheme other than camouflage with all the mottling I can't do with my airbrush.

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