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1/48 Tamiya P-51B

October 25, 2019 · in Aviation · · 15 Comments

The Bebout Curtiss factory decided it was time to build another pony. Actually, I started this model as a duel build along with my P-40M Wairarapa . However, disaster stuck as the decals broke into hundreds of little pieces when they hit the water. To the rescue came Louis Gardner with some decals for several P-51B's, so many thanks to Louis for his help.

This Tamiya kit has been around for some time but you can still build a nice looking from it. I did add some PE belts, and I used OD paint from Model Car World which was new to me. They have expanded their line of car finishes into both aircraft and armorer vehicles. It is lacquer so I suggest you use a primer plus a well ventilated paint booth when using it. Covers very well and it's very difficult to produce runs while using it.

Nylon thread was used for the antenna wire, a brown Pitt Pen for highlighting the panel lines, and artist chalk for exhause stains. Aircraft is OLE-II flown by Lt William Hovde, with the 358th Fighter Squadron, 355th Fighter group. Fun little kit that was suppose to be a quick and easy build but you all know how that usually ends up.

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15 responses

  1. Nice Job, Tom. I like it! The D is a beautiful airplane but the B/C version has always been my favorite. Again, well done, my friend!

  2. I like it...well done Tom.

  3. Very nice looking kite Tom. Good on ya Louis. I find many modellers come through when an extra part or decal is needed. I have sent and received many

    • This is a great little community we have here... I too have had people send me stuff, and in turn I have sent things out to others. It's sort of like practicing the golden rule, treating others as you would like to be treated. Karma of sorts. What goes around comes around.

  4. that's a sweetheart

  5. Nice Mustang Tom, very sharp work!

  6. Your Mustang looks fantastic Tom ! Ya did good buddy... and I'm glad I could help you out. Thanks for the shout out.


  7. GREAT looking P-51, my friend! Beautifully done!

    Louis is a real gem. I've had some really great folks who sent stuff to me or advice or instructions; like (and including) Louis, Jim Sullivan, Frank Cronin, Paul Nash & the late Bernie Hackett - to name a few.

    By the way, I've made a tiny bit of progress on the F6F-3 YOU gave me, Tom. At this rate, I might be actually finished with it by 2025 ... but don't hold me to that date ...

  8. Nice work, Tom. Tamiya's P-51b is still the "go to" and you have made the most of what's in the box.

  9. Love your Mustang Tom. She looks great and so realistic.

  10. Nice build, Tom. I have always liked the early mustangs. Not only do I like their look, but most of them weren't natural metal (I hate painting natural metal).

  11. Great looking 'B' bird!

  12. Looks great! Love the B-model Pony.

  13. Tom I'll have to wait a little bit to post mine that I just finished up. I used the kit decals for the same bird! What a coincidence. 🙂 *Minus a few last minute touches, seen below.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  14. Nice! I agree about the D. It was fine and dandy but the B/C did the heavy lifting. I wish there was a decent 1/32 scale version.

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