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from South Korea,
architect, 30yr
just about 3 years of experience in scale modeling
usualy building Aircraft models in 1/72 scale

De Havilland DH.88 Comet “Grosvenor House”, 1/72 Airfix

I'm glad to present my new build, the "Grosvenor House"! "Grosvenor House" G-ACSS, the winner of MacRobertson Race (England-to Melbourne) in 1934. Today you can find brand new SBS model's nice detailed 1/72 kit for this Comet, which is I never[...]

B-17 “The Little Miss Mischief”, 1/72 Academy

Yes. B-17. I know that It's wrong build because The Mischief was B-17G with Bubble Gun turret in her chin but This is B-17F. This is my only wanted color scheme and the Memphis bell was only kit I had already. so, it happened. I never taught B-[...]

F/A-18A “Blue Angels”, 1/72 Academy

These shiny acrobatic team aircraft suddenly took my attention after I finished Red Arrows Hawk. and This is my recent build, US Navy's Blue Angels Hornet. I brushed all with Tamiya's acrylic blue. just because I wanted to try brushpaint before[...]

PBY-5A Catalina, 1/72, Academy

Here's one of my favorite build. Catalina! I love all seaplanes and I think Catalina has the most standard shape of beauty in her kind. I made this a years ago and this was my very first made water base. Wonhee Lee(now you all may know him fo[...]

Ferrari 250GT California, 1/24 Academy (Italeri reboxed)

It's the first Car model I built. (and maybe it's last one for a while...) This 250 GT is true design masterpiece of Ferrari in 60's. You can find everywhere the most elegant curves and volumes of all time in every angle you look at it Kit is I[...]

C-17 Globemaster II, 1/144 Revell + Flap down set

Like you can see through my profile picture, I like very much this big bird . I watched it take off and famous short landing in airshow last year and this visual broke my stereotype thought of physics. Kit is Revell's 1/144 USAF version. and I[...]

BAE Hawk Red Arrows 50th Anniversary, 1/72 Airfix

This is my new finished work; the Red Arrows with splendid 50th anniversary Union jack marking on the tail! truely beautiful design. Well, It's hard to tell this is airfix's new tool. It's around 2012's and well fits overall but still need putt[...]

F-4J Phantom II ‘Showtime 100’, 1/72 Academy

Phantom II is always loved for all aircraft modelers. I built my first one (because its' not possible to build just one phantom!) with Academy's new tool kit. It is Snap tite kit so you can build without glue or painting (sticker included). it[...]

Eiffel Tower, H:14cm, nonescale, 3D metal puzzle

Hello Modelers! I suddenly gripped this thing and made in just couple of days. "3D metal puzzle" It's basically kind of PE metal product for hobbys. It was in fashion several years ago in Korea. I have no idea if it was also in another country. [...]


Let's do the time warp again, In 1918, Just after 15 years from first engine powered flight in Kitty hawk, the first full-metal aircraft was on the runway. Hugo Junkers and other engineers were stood watching this silver plated bird about to ta[...]