iModeler Figures

The art of figure sculpting, modeling and painting.

“Give me night, or give me Blücher!”

My version of David Grieve’s 1/9 scale Blücher. Painted in oils.

Regimental Quarter master RHA 1812-1815

Pegaso 54mm Oils

John or Nathan?

In an effort to get back to archiving the models in my collection, I present my version of the Fort Duquesne Military Miniatures 7th Cavalry Officer in 1/9th scale. It’s pretty obviously based on John Wayne as Captain Nathan Brittles. I painted[...]

Black Prince 1330-1376

90mm Andrea Aclad ll metals Oils

Sikh Infantryman 1914

1:10 bust resin Sculpted by Carl Reid Oils

German Prisoner, Vampire wood 1917.

Jon Smith Modelbau 1/10 resin bust Oils

Pilot with Trophy 1917

Steve Warilow sculpt [ 'The Fusilier', no longer operating] Oils

Tambour Major 67th Regt. C. 1811

Metal Modeles 54mm. Oils. New head from 'Figure in Italy'

Argyl and Sutherland NCO 1917

75mm F.E.R Miniatures Oils


90mm resin figure Sculpted by Mike Good Painted in oils