iModeler Figures

The art of figure sculpting, modeling and painting.

Photo inspired, Test pilots and astronauts.

A little quickie . Most of the figures are from Monograms 1/72 Phantom kits and one from their X-15 kit. I only had five, the other two are AWOL. lol.

August Von Mackensen 1849-1945

August Von Mackensen 1849-1945 WW1 German Field Marshal Alexandros Models Ebroin sculpt Oils, printers ink and acrylics Look at his many world events did he live through?!

100mm Grey Matter Figures 'Starship Trooper'

So a while ago, Grey Matter figures did a range of figures based on classic rock songs, 'Janie's got a gun' by Aerosmith, 'Fairies wear boots' and 'Never say die' by Black Sabbath, 'Ironfist' by Motorhead, 'Broken down angel' by Nazareth, [...]

Austro-Hungarian Dragoon Officer 1914

Vice75 Oils A few gripes with this figure: Only one picture of the box art to go by( with a 'blue' thats's way too bright...its supposed to be light powder blue ) No instructions No link to a useful website...which I found too [...]

Lt.Max Immelmann 1890-1916

Lt.Max Immelmann 1890-1916 German WW1 Ace 1:32 WnW figure Mike Good sculpt. Oils This is the 5th casting of this figure I've managed to obtain. All previous ones including that in the WnW kit were truly awful with all the details sludged [...]

"The finest light cavalry in the world.."

Of the Native Americans of the Northern Plains, including the Sioux and others, that is how some historians have classified them. This is an old Imrie/Risley figure that my father had. Knowing that I could not do it justice if I attempted [...]

Austro-Hungarian Hussar 1914

VICE75 figure 75mm Oils with lace in acrylic

Rollo, Duke of Normandy, FeR Miniatures 1:12

Hello dear modellers, I've just finished another great FeR Miniature. This time in 1/12 scale, painted with Abteilung 502 and Scale 75 acrylics paints using a Redgrass wet palette. I struggle a bit with this one. I’ve painted and [...]

Eddie Rickenbacker 1890-1973

Dolman Miniatures 90mm Mainly oils Printing ink for the metals

3 Para Mt.Longdon , Falklands 1982

120mm Resin casting ( awful) Mitches models. Moz Cory sculpt. Paint: Tamiya Vallejo for the DPM Oils Printers inks This is a b'day present for a vet who's 60 next month. They'd been in the field around two weeks in freezing winds, rain, [...]