iModeler Figures

The art of figure sculpting, modeling and painting.

First Wooden Puppet

A short visit to the Czech Republic gave me a glimpse to the world of puppet making. The first attempt was aimed to make a Child, but the face could not come up nicely. Some one said that when you make a puppet, a bit of you gets into it. [...]

Teaching an old dog new tricks

After spending many years building cars, ships and aircraft models using enamel and lacquer paints, I finally decided to try my hand at using acrylic paints. I also decided to re-learn how to paint with a brush once more. Though I feel I [...]

28mm Tabletop Miniatures

This is a collection of my 28mm miniatures. These are all offerede by Games Workshop. From time to time I also deal with these topics, still a remnant from my tabletop gaming time. The character figures of this brand are definitely well [...]

For the glory of Mankind, 2B from NieR:Automata

You know i am almost pure aircraft kits builder, so this might surprise you a bit. Yes, this is my first and only figure. I am fan of everything in manga or anime style, I like movies, series, mangas. For some time I was thinking of [...]

Tank Commander of the 5th Wehrmacht Tank Division, Jeffshiu´s Miniatures, 1/16

Greetings fellow modellers! I finished another figure, it comes from the offer of the company Jeffshiu´s Miniatures and it is in 1/16 scale, the command dome is intended for the RC model, I did not manage to get another one, but I don't [...]

French Infantryman 1915

Metal Modeles 60mm Hornet head Oils

French Infantry Officer 1915

French Infantry Officer 1915 Metal Modeles 60mm Hornet Head Reworked Kepis Oils Friday, Saturday and Sunday, done!

German Sniper, 3rd Airborne Division, Alpine Miniatures 1/16

Good evening friends! I finished my next figure. This time I reached for a figure from Alpine Miniatures' offer, which I modified and made into a bust. Everything is painted with Andrea [...]

Grenadier of the 5th SS Wiking Division, Warriors 1/9

Greetings, fellow modellers! I finished my first bust in 1/9 scale, I chose an older Warriors product, because I didn't know how I would do in this size. Everything is painted with Andrea Color acrylic paints, the base is made of olive [...]

French Infantryman 1914

Metal Modeles 60mm with a new Hornet head Oils