iModeler Figures

The art of figure sculpting, modeling and painting.

German Sniper, 3rd Airborne Division, Alpine Miniatures 1/16

Good evening friends! I finished my next figure. This time I reached for a figure from Alpine Miniatures' offer (link), which I modified and made into a bust. Everything is painted with Andrea Color acrylic paints, I used Umton oil paints [...]

Grenadier of the 5th SS Wiking Division, Warriors 1/9

Greetings, fellow modellers! I finished my first bust in 1/9 scale, I chose an older Warriors product, because I didn't know how I would do in this size. Everything is painted with Andrea Color acrylic paints, the base is made of olive [...]

French Infantryman 1914

Metal Modeles 60mm with a new Hornet head Oils

Spahis Algerien 1918, Mohamed Baba Marachel des Logis Chef

Oils Metal Models 60 mm Sculpter Michel Saez

French Stretcher bearer 1915 with Briard/Berger de Brie

Wars and Peaces Miniatures 65 mm resin Oils

German Infantry Officer 1914

Metal Models 60mm with Hornet head Oils and printers inks.

Zouave Corporal 1914

Wars and Peaces Miniatures 65mm resin Oils

British Royal Engineer Officer 1916

65mm Wars and Peaces Miniatures. Resin Mainly oils

Lancashire Fusilier 1st Batn, A Co, 1916

Metal Models ~60mm Replaced the Metal Models head for a Hornet 1:32 head to give a "thousand yard stare"... and much better ears! Mainly oils

Machine Gunner of the 3rd Division SS Totenkopf, Jeffshiu´s Miniatures 1/16

Greetings dear fellow modellers! A while ago I managed to finish my next piece, this time I reached for a machine gunner from the production of Jeffshiu´s Miniatures in 1/16 scale. I replaced several accessories, a field bottle and a [...]