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Revell 1/426 U.S.S. Arizona

This is Revell's Arizona that I built for the second time. It went together well and before I started I wanted it to be a waterline model. I cut off the bottom half of the hull and I have a hope someday that I will put in a water setting. The ma[...]

Lindberg 1/82 Tugboat

When my wife picked up a Lindberg Tugboat for her collection, I noticed the scale was close to the "1/72" boats I had been doing. I thought I'd give one a try, however I didn't want to do the usual, colorful boat on the boxart, and I wanted it[...]

More Pictures of the Revell 1/48 Type IXc.

My love for U-Boats started back in the early 70's when I first read Herbert Werner's "Iron Coffins". I bought Revell's Type IX U-Boat as soon as it was out. The build was pretty much straight forward. The size of the hull (42 inches long) is[...]

Revell 1/72 Type IXc U-Boat, U-505 Capture June 1944.

Built out of box. First time using salt treatment. The conning tower is insignia blue, ya, I couldn't belive it too but according to a couple of sites this was the color. Figures are from Czech Masters with some modification.

Royal Caroline, 1749 (Lifeboat)

Back in January, I posted details of an on-going build of the wooden ship, Royal Caroline. By rights, it's a work-in-progress, but the actual build takes so long, and as I only return to it from time to time (eight months in this case), that [...]

Revell 1/72 PT-109

Since watching "McHale's Navy" and the movie "PT-109" when I was a kid, I've been fascinated with PT boats. I decided I needed a change of pace and this was what came of it. The kit is the oldest in Revell's inventory, having been introduced i[...]

700th scale Ashigara heavy cruiser.

I built this about four years ago. I bought the Fujimi kit with etch as a change of pace from aircraft modelling intending it to be a quick build OOB. Err no, I got totally immersed in the subject and scratch built and bought additional etch fro[...]

Revell 1/72 “S” Boot (D-Day Group Build)

As previously stated, two different sources report: On the morning of 6 June 1944, D-Day, 31 battle ready S-boats were sent to attack the Allied fleet. Although several vessels were sunk, against such a mass of ships (4126 landing craft and 12[...]

You call-We haul! USCG 41′ Utility Boat 1976

In retirement I've been catching up with building models of units I served on while on active duty. My latest build is a 1:16th scale model of a typical USCG 41' utility boat. Found at every Coast Guard station, the 41' UTB was state of the art [...]

The Mother of All Plastic Ship Models-Revell’s USS MISSOURI

As you work on your current plastic kit consider this; there was a time when these prototypical miniatures didn't exist. At least not in plastic form. How interested would you be in a hobby that offered little in the way of boxed kits, a hobby [...]