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And after a period of no production for moving… DD441 continues

So back in full swing on my Wilkes project and thought I would post an update, starting to add PE and all the little parts, I am especially happy with how my dual 40mm tubs turned out, scratchbuilt them from Dragon quad 40s and Gold Medal PE.

1/35 Revell Offshore Power Boat

This model has been around for a long time. It hasn't lost it's appeal, and still looks like it's going 100 mph standing still. I wanted mine to be a little different. I remembered a boat I'd seen, being loaded up one morning, in Miami. I [...]

1/72nd Tamiya “Vosper” Fast Patrol Boat

Every once in a while, I'll get a "wild hair" and (if something catches my eye), build a 'floaty thing'. I've got an armada of a half-dozen of 'em now and this one looked pretty neat when I spotted it. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened th[...]

U.S. Coast Guard 36′ Motor Lifeboat

It's Coast Guard Day, August 4, 2013! I almost forget to honor the founding of my Service's birthday, August 4, 1790. As one might imagine I do build a lot of Coast Guard subjects (most are kitbashed or scratchbuilt) there are very few CG mode[...]

Lindberg Coastal Patrol Boat

nice, old kit, still available, and close to 1/72. Makes into a decent looking model OOB.

WIP 1/72 Revell S boat

Waiting for paint, thought I would share smome pics

Uss indianapolis

Won't go into this heavy cruiser's history as most people using this website are familiar with it. The kit is the Matchbox 1/700th scale built back when it was the only show in town. Box stock with the exception of the radar screen which is PE. [...]

Uscgc campbell

This is a 1:48 scale radio controlled model of a 270' CG cutter. It's scratch built mainly from wood and few commercial parts were used in it's construction(helicopter, crewmen, props, odds and ends). I was a crewman on the actual cutter as well[...]

U.S.S. Salem, CA-139 1/350

The gentleman that wanted this model built had served on it as an enlisted seaman. He served just prior to it being decommissioned. Salem had a 10 year career from 1949-59. It served in the Atlantic and never fired a shot in anger. It was distin[...]

Progress on USS Wilkes

Lots of painting, lots more to go main colors are on for the Measure 22 scheme she wore from 44 (possibly late '43) on through the end of the war. Need to do lots of touch ups, the Italeri Acrylics I used for the light grey gave me fits, seems [...]