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Graf Spee 1/700 Trumpeter

This is my first surface ship project since doing a few in my youth. This kit has no PE or resin but it has some very fine plastic parts. I used nearly every type of tool, glue, paint and technique I know of. The last steps were particular[...]

Flyhawk 1/700 Bismarck

this model has a sadly story. but first.i want to say these kits from Flyhawk are cant miss it. back to the story. i spend 18 days to make this model and i sell her. unlucky ,she is broken in Beijing.

1/700 Kongou (remake)

One day,a friend of mine send me a broken warship model . he want me to repair it. then i "remake" it. Thanks your suggestion extremely.

TAMIYA 1/700 Rodney

this model used to be Nelson, but i want a Rodney, so i try to transform it.

DreamModel 1/700 PLAN LPD Type 071

the kits from Dream Model are good but not good enough. the pictures take by my cell phone(this is why all my pictures are so indistinct). Bz i cant pay for a camera,hahahaha.

Trumpeter 1/700 Richelieu

MENG 1/700 Lexington

Thanks your suggestion extremely

MENG WB-001 Lexington

to be honest, this kits of MENG is a toy rather than a model.but i also make it like a model. as you see.there are some problems in different positions, i will correct them

The lighthouse and the giant

The old kit of Tamiya with photoetched Blue Star Admiral (Voyager) BSE-70003, main and secondary Guns Aber, oerlikon 20 mmm White Ensign Models, rigging Unicaenis, chains cooper wire. Lighthouse Scrachtbuild, Cliff: Styrofoam. Paints: Humbro[...]

Sweet Home Alabama

I wanted to represent Alabama in a landscape similar to the one that exists in Ko Tapu (Thailand). The kit is from Trumpeter in 1/700 with various generic photo-etched parts and Aber main guns as well as various upgrades to secondary and anti-ai[...]