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Revell HMCS Snowberry K166 Flower Class Corvette

This is a build of the Revell Flower Class Corvette. The kit was initially released by Matchbox in 1979 and has been re-released repeatedly since, often with upgrades or bonus parts. The kit was built for a friend who wanted to use it [...]

1/72 Bruno, Bismarck turret

This is the turret from Takom and wood deck. And aluminum barrels from MTW. The kit went together pretty good. The photo etched railings were very fragile and I replaced most of them with stretched sprue. Not Takom’s fault, just a big [...]

1/350 Trumpeter USS Hornet CV-8 "Doolittle Raid"

Welcome to last and final week of the Trumpeter 1/350 USS Hornet CV-8 Project! For 30 weeks and 660 hours of work this project is finally completed. The final update in the build log is a large update covering the 3-D crew figures, [...]

Uss Mustin - DDG 89 - Trumpeter - 1/350

To build it I used Trumpeter's Uss Forrest Sherman. The Uss Mustin belongs to the Flight IIA series and was the first to incorporate the new configuration of the chimneys that reduced the silhouette and radar signature. In the same way [...]

old Revell 1/72 PT109

Just completed for a friend - the 1/72 Revell PT-109 kit. Looking at the marking on the back of the stand it says 'made in China, 1963' Done this as PT109 as it looked before J.F. Kennedy took command of it. Time taken 5 days. Paints [...]

Oldie but Goldie: Tamiya 1/350 Bismarck

Here are some photos of my first ship built after >30 years: the classical Tamiya Bismarck. The only upgrades added to the kit were the decking and some generic DKM railing. Other departures from the kit were home made [...]

Hellenic Navy Destroyer Thyella (Storm) D28 1/350

Hello everyone! I modified Trumpeter's The Sullivans square bridge Fletcher to depict the upgraded Fletcher of the Hellenic Navy. A fair amount of scratch building was done. Used the Fletcher pe set by GMM, 5in Turrets and Bofors by [...]

1/700 USS Randolph (CV-15)August 1945

My latest project is one that I have had in mind for a long time. When I was about 10 years old, and just starting to get interested in World War II and aircraft carriers, one of the first books I had access to was Barrett Gallagher’s [...]

1/144 Airfix SR.N4 Hovercraft

1/144 Airfix SR.N4 Hovercraft Vintage kit of great hovercraft. A lot of clamps and pressure required to get the main sections to fit. Interior details fine for their time. Less fit issues than many 'see thru' models.

1/72 Revell Schnellboot S-100

1/72 Revell Schnellboot S-100 Added resin torpedoes and resin contact mines. Scratch built additional depth charges Modified display base. Fabricated additional depth chargers. Corrected Black Panther logo. Slight weathering with [...]