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206 the hard way

Of course Eduard puts out this kit with these markings after I have gotten this far oh well :) It took no less than 4 decal sheets to make the markings for this bird. Some of the font is not 100% exact but pretty close. All thats left is the [...]


Here is Heller's Mig-29UB. It is quite good both in fit and shape. I had already built the Airfix single seater, and when I got this from a friend, I thought that I will make one of those infamous Moldovian Mig-29UB for which I have two decal sh[...]

The Dromedary: 1953 Kenworth COE

The American Highway Safety Administration defines a dromedary ("drom") as a "box, deck, or plate mounted behind the cab and forward of the fifth wheel on the chassis of the power unit of a tractor/semi trailer combination". Swedish truckers oft[...]

Airfix 1/48 English Electric Lightning F.6…

The Lightning, one of my all time favorite aircraft, was designed by W. E. “Teddy” Petter, English Electric’s chief designer, after he had created the evergreen Canberra. And it was an absolute home run. In terms of flight performance, other cou[...]

Special Hobby TR-1A

Special Hobby TR-1A built straight from the box. The only real let down of this kit, at least my example, were the poorly printed decals. On the sheet they looked excellent, but on applying them to the black surface, a strong white outline emerg[...]

Trumpeter An-2

This is Trumpeter's inexpensive An-2 offering in 1/72nd scale. A little better than the Italeri offering but not by much! Used the kit decals but after along time from completion, a Polish friend of mine pointed out to me that no Polish AF aircr[...]

Trumpeter 1/24 Sea Hurricane Ib

The Fleet Air Arm suffered throughout the early years of the war for the lack of a carrier-based fighter that had performance sufficient to face the land-based Axis air forces. This was nowhere more apparent than in the Mediterranean, wher[...]

iModeler contest December random award.

The other week I got a postage slip saying I had a package waiting at the local mail delivery spot. A few days ago I went to get it and in the package was a nice surprise. It was my prize for the December iModeler contest random Award, a very ni[...]

Tornado ADV

This is the Hobbyboss 1/48 kit of the BAe (Panavia) Tornado F3, Air Defence Version (ADV), 111 Squadron, RAF Leuchars 2010, marking the 70th Anniversary Battle of Britain (Fin coded JU-L for Hurricane pilot WL Dymond DFM, shot down September 194[...]

Eduard’s 1/48 scale Hawker Tempest V. by Tony Prince

Doing my monthly dusting of my display shelves I picked up this Tempest. A long time favourite of mine which has repeatedly survived periodic culling This is the first release of the Tempest from Eduard & my build dates from around 2004 alth[...]