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“The Gold Bug” – P-36A of CO, 18th Pursuit Group – Special Hobby 1/32 kit

The P-36 is one of those under-rated airplanes. For some reason, it's seen as a failure, though the record indicates otherwise. The first modern fighter for the USAAC that was remotely competitive with European contemporaries, the P-36 in its [...]

Speaking of the old ones…Aurora Breguet….

Back in the day (again?) Aurora's WW1 jobs were some of the better models out there. They were outstanding compared to say, the burgundy Messerchmitt or yellow Zero. I built almost all of them back then, and have a pile today, for nostalgia. My [...]

Revell 1 / something or another Spitsfire Mk II

Flight Leftenant Rif Raf, KBE, DSO, DFC, EIEIO, ETC was assigned to 13 Squadron, Royal Air Farce, in early September 1940, just in time for the start of the Battle of Briton. A few weeks after his assignment, he was involved in the now famous d[...]

Imperial Chinese Turret Ship “DING YUEN”

The "DING YUEN" (or Tingyuan) had a curious place in naval history. Built in Germany and equipped with state of the art Krupp guns, it served as the Imperial fleet's flagship. It's design was part of the warship evolution of the late 1800's, i.e[...]

Curtiss BF2C-1 Helldiver – Hasegawa 1/32 classic

Hasegawa's "Golden Age" 1/32 kits - the F4B-4, P-12E, P-26A and BF2C-1 - stand the test of time. They are outline accurate with surface detail that is far more representative of the real thing than what would be the case had they been designed [...]

Lucky me!

My prize from July's competition has arrived. After much care and thought from Martin, I've received this super Tamiya 1/12 Honda motorcycle kit [pic 4], along with the detailing kit [pic 2], and the kit also includes this helpful color booklet[...]


Thanks Imodeler, for my contest prize. Just as soon as I clear a couple recent endeavors, off the bench, it will be time to start my new Eduard Weekender Hellcat F6F-3. I've heard a lot of great things about this kit, and am looking forward to[...]

Hey, Abrahamson, my landing gear works!….

Built this one, with my Dad, more than once in the dark ages, always fighting the working landing gear. Well, this one works (when will it give out? The shadow knows). Built right out of the (old) box, axles melted over to hold the wheels on, an[...]

Monogram Helldiver

The copyright on the instruction sheet read "1966". And it showed. I opted not to attempt the operating landing gear, bomb bay or folding wings version of the assemblies. This was, shall we say, crude by today's standards, It's one of those "goo[...]

1/48 Monogram P-39 Airacobra

Here's another one we've all built, the trusted, old, Mongram P-39 airacobra. I've been led to understand that this was Monogram's first attempt at a "serious" scale model. It was my second time around with it, and I still enjoy this kit. I'[...]