The remainder of my fledgling Navy

by Craig Abrahamson on November 11, 2012 · in Ships — 1 Comment

Both kits are 1/350th scale (in keeping with the Wasp)…the USS Freedom just plain looked cool – AND it has helicopters [aircraft, remember?]. The Los Angeles class sub was like a 2-hour “project” – never built a submarine before – […]

Bf-109G-4 1/32 Promodeler

by Victor R. Russell JR on November 11, 2012 · in Aviation — 6 Comments

I started this and a Hasegawa 109G-6 together over 4+ years ago working along with the Floyd Werner video for building the Hasegawa 1/32 109’s. It was shelved for a reason I can’t remember and I pulled the G-4 down […]

WASP Amphibious Assault Ship

by Craig Abrahamson on November 11, 2012 · in Ships

Gallery Models 1/350th scale USS Wasp had a plethora of aircraft included – it’s what caught my eye as a [primarily] aircraft model enthusiast. It seemed a daunting task at first, but after a few weeks, it started to become […]

USS Hornet – Doolittle’s Raiders

by Craig Abrahamson on November 11, 2012 · in Ships — 2 Comments

I picked up this 1/700th scale ‘waterline’ kit and decided I’d try something “off the wall” with it. I’m not usually a “ship guy”, but I wanted to try an idea I had. i took some aluminum foil, crumpled it […]

Monogram F-4C

by Yau-Hang Lee on November 10, 2012 · in Aviation — 4 Comments

Hi. Built this kit a couple of months ago. It’s Mongrams F-4C. I decided to rescribe the kit, add some of the panels from True Details cockpit set to the kit, True Details ejector seats, Hasegawa weapons, Aeromaster decals and […]

PM 1/72 TA-154 Moskito

by Jim Watts on November 10, 2012 · in Aviation — 5 Comments

Hi All, Here is my PM Models TA-154, a kit that I really enjoyed building, probably as I was prepeared for being a bit of work. It definitley needs lots of test fitting, sand paper, plastic card and the occaisional […]

Z-M 1/32nd scale Skyraider

by Craig Abrahamson on November 10, 2012 · in Aviation — 3 Comments

I opted to build mine sans the wing-fold mechanism (obviously) and with the gear up – also obviously – I therefore have a plethora of extra parts, both from the kit AND the weapons set. If anyone needs/wants any pieces/parts, […]

My 2 latest Builds

by Matt Mears on November 10, 2012 · in Aviation — 4 Comments

Howdy Everyone ! here are some pictures of my latest builds, both 48th scale, Hasegawa F-16Cj kit and Academys Kit ! Hope you like !

My JV-44 Dora 9

by Adam Dormer on November 9, 2012 · in Aviation — 1 Comment

This is my 1/32 Hasegawa Fw-190 D9. This was a long term build taking five years. I wanted to have a go at “riveting” and I used the MDC tool. This was a painful and tedious process, but I’m happy […]

Zvezda 1/48 Bf109F-2

by Mark Sullivan on November 9, 2012 · in Aviation — 2 Comments

In my opinion Zvezda’s Bf109F is the best in 1/48. very well detailed, and goes together just as well. I painted her with Floquil Military enamels, and Model Master enamels. After market decals are from Aeromaster if I’m not mistaken.