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TAM (Tanque Argentino Mediano) 1/35, Pt. 1

A few months ago this resin kit, in 1/35 scale, of the Argentine Medium Tank (TAM) went on sale in my country. The manufacturer has a long trajectory in the sale of scale models, and recently began with the manufacture of their own kits. [...]

Berlin: Sixty Years of Division (Scratch 1:35th Scale)

Topic: This project envisaged the modeling of a BT 4x4 command tower of the East German border as they started to appear in both Berlin and the German countryside since about 1980, when the Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR) was near [...]

Tamiya IDF Tiran 5

I'm not an armour builder and it's been over 40yrs since I built any armour, but I thought that I would give this kit a go as a deviation from aircraft. IDF Tiran 5 in the earlier Sinai grey scheme circa 1980's.

Pegasus Hobbies M46 Patton in 1/72 scale…

Pegasus Hobbies M46 Patton in 1/72 scale. A fun project built as part of the Forgotten War group build.

Takom 1/35 Chieftain Mk10 Track Bash

Well here's the latest instalment of the work on my Chieftain Mk10. I've put together and weathered the tracks before final fitting. I used the Vallejo Air acrylic wheel and track set. For the base colour I used Halfords red primer. I then [...]

Tamiya 1/48 Pz.Kpfw. V Panther

These Tamiya 1/48 armor kits are always a pleasure to build. Imagine... everything fits! Only additions are RB & Aber barrels, a few Hauler P-E bits and Fruilmodel tracks (which did add a few days of sore fingers).

Centurion 1973 Sho't Kal (Updated pics)

It has been too long since my previous post...I've been busy working on other aspects of life. And now here are the more pictures I took on the Sho't Kal build. While I'm taking shots of details, I found out that I didn't really do much on [...]

1/35 Das Werk Faun L900 incl. SdAh 115

Das Werk, You did real German style model! Well, here it is after some time… I really don’t want to write anything about Faun, everything can be found via net. I started this model last year during Corona lock down. I was simply [...]

1/35 RFM German Staff Car Type 82E

This small car in 1/35th scale is made by RFM. They baptised it German Staff Car Type 82E. Small parts count, little pe fret and decal sheet and laser cut masking tape. Nothing else. I made it for fun and for trailer of Faun. Maybe I [...]

TAMIYA 1/35th M113a2

Found this little kit i started about 10 years ago, will have to get it finished. BUT, i've since moved house and lost a few parts! Any how, i'll add some straps, brackets etc. and try to find some replacement parts. Pictures a little [...]