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Hola from the Spain! This is the Meng 1/35 kit of the T-72. I built it at sea last year and sprayed it back on land on my leave. I finished it early February, but was a bit reluctant to post it with current global affairs. But without any [...]

Mark V (Male)

My Mark V (Male) is finally finished. Yes! was not so productive recently... The idea was to provide this model with two environments; one side in the reality of muddy terrain and the other one in a museum. The museum side is opened [...]

Tamiya 1/35 Char B1 Bis

These are 3 models representing the tank in the French army service. It is my favorite Tamiya armor model. It has superb engineering, plenty of details and workable tracks. Most importantly, it looks realistic when completed.

Sdfkz. 222 Afrika 1/35 Tamiya

Hi, here some pics about my WIP regarding a Sdkfz.222 Afrika Korps that I'm building for a friend of mine in this days. The idea is to make a small DIO in Tunisia. We will see... Stay safe Paolo

IDF 1/35 Tiran 4 and 5

During the 1967 and 1973 wars the Israeli Defense Force obtained sufficient numbers of T-54 and T-55s to equip several battalions. Ample spares were available from the tanks that could not be restored to operational condition. Many of [...]

Trumpeter 1/35 long track P-40 S-Band acquisition radar

The combination of the giant AT-T mover and a large radar dish make an imposing and realistic looking model. The building process is straight forward. I was tempted to paint the model with the attractive 3 tones Russian camouflage scheme. [...]

A modelling escapade and its consequences: the US 2 1/2 ton 6X6 Airfield Fuel Truck

Sometimes it has its advantages not to be an expert in a certain field- which for me is irrefutably true with regard to trucks This statement recently proved true for me when I built this GMC tanker: on the one hand, looking at the unknown [...]

Monogram 1/48 Cletrac M2

The M2 is a fully tracked vehicle designed to tow aircraft on primitive airfields. It was equipped with a 10,000 lb winch with 300 ft of 3⁄8 in cable, an auxiliary 110V generator and an air compressor. It was powered by a 404cid Hercules [...]

SCUD-B+MAZ-543; Revell 1/72

This is the soviet MAZ-543 transporting the legendary missile SCUD-B in the Iraq version. This is a re-boxed Toxso kit from 2014 but a really god one; not recemended for beginners in my opinion. The missile can be mounted to the launcher [...]

1/48 Tamiya M-8

This will be the companion for the jeep I recently posted. I’ve debated about adding more storage and weathering but decided to wait until I create the actual diorama I have planned. Until the figures get painted, the M-8 is done so here [...]