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US Medium Tank M3A1 Lee- Fort Knox, Armored Force School 1942 (1/72)

M3A1- The right choice if you like cast armor 😉 The quality of the Mirage kit (72803) was better than I had feared. The lower structure was traditionally multi-part to assemble, but the parts fit together without problems. Only on the [...]

Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf.F

Found this kit in the local toy store. It was a spontaneous idea to join the Matchbox Group Build on Scalemates. Saw, bought and built the model within 2.5 hours. The idea was to paint the whole thing with the paint brush without using the [...]

Type 97 Chi-Ha Japanese medium tank. Atlantis/Aurora 1/48.

Used by the Japanese during WWII and were used by Chinese post WWII. A nice basic kit by Atlantis, Ex Aurora molds. I believe they got the molds by way of Monogram/Revell. I asked a gentleman from Atlantis at a long island model show about [...]

E-50 Flakpanzer w. 5,5cm FlaK55, Germany in late 1945- What-If/1946

E-50 Flakpanzer (Trumpeter, 07124) One of the biggest mistakes of the Trumpeter box art is that they always show their 1/35 models on it, therefore, the content doesn´t quite match what is shown. The kit doesn´t contain many parts and is [...]

T-80BV Russian MBT, late 1990´s (1/72)

Trumpeter's T-80BV. (07145) At Trumpeter 1/72nd scale models, i'm always a bit skeptical about quality as far as details are concerned. They are not bad, clean casting and good fit and so on, also here everything is available, but I am [...]

1/35 Hobbyboss Olifant Mk.2 MBT

Here is my recently completed 1/35 Olfant Mk.2 MBT as developed for and used by the South African National Defence Force. Kit used is the Hobbyboss Olifant Mk.1B MBT which box is is incorrectly labelled as it is the Mk.2. Paints used are [...]

TKS Tankette, Poland 1934 (1/72)

The smallest vehicle i've ever build so far! I decided to use a pre-war camouflage for my object. It was called "Japanese camouflage pattern" and was used until 1936. The colors used were olive green, light gray and sand brown, [...]

Sd.Kfz.184 Ferdinand, Russia 1943 (1/72)

A "Ferdinand" in Russia- Eastern Front 1943. The idea is based on two original pictures which gave me the inspiration. I used the kit of Dragon (7515). The actual idea was to represent the "Elefant", but this kit has [...]

M3 Scout Car, IDF, 1/35

Greetings to all forum members. Today I want to show you the last military vehicle I could finish. It is a M3 Scout Car from HobbyBoss in 1/35 scale. It is a kit known to all. It has a quite correct detailing, with a very good fitting of [...]

StuG III Ausf. G, Grossdeutschland Division, Kursk 1943

This is the Takom kit of the early StuG G. Added some Tamiya figures and some stowage to liven the thing up. Fun and easy build.