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Meng 1/35 Panther Ausf.A review

Trumpeter 1/35 ZU-23-2 AAA review

Sherman T-31 Demolition Tank

Developed in America in 1944 with a view to landing it on the D-day beaches this derivative of the Sherman tank was designed as a blockbuster to deal with beachhead fortifications. The redesigned turret featured a 105 mm howitzer and two [...]

Apparently I have a thing for British tanks

The third and last of my summer builds is this 1/48 Tamiya Cromwell. Three British tanks in a row for me with a Churchill Crocodile in construction. I guess it’s a “thing” now. Anyway, it’s another great little armor kit from [...]


The second of my summer armor builds, this is the Tamiya 1/48 kit. I think I’ve mentioned before how much I like these 1/48 Tamiya armor kits. This one is no exception. And, if like me, you don’t like doing bogie wheels, this is the [...]

The Old Chieftain

I’ve been on an armor kick this summer and this 1/35 Tamiya Chieftain was the first kit I completed of several started. I used Tamiya paints and AK weathering materials. It was a good out of the box build to start getting some of my [...]

Tamiya 135 Sd Kfz 2 Kettenkraftrad review

Kübelwagen Östfront Tamiya 1/35 it badly missing parts and bits...finished anyway...hope you like it...

H-K Models Avro Lancaster B. Mk. I

The Aircraft: As William Green put it: "Many aeroplanes of the Second World War became famous; few were truly great. Greatness is a quality that cannot be instilled in an aircraft on the drawing board or the assembly line. A great [...]

T-34/76 ChTZ.

Helo. This model is very very old. Its the ancient Italeri kit with a copied in resin Dragon turret. I added the cuppola to make the later version. Its full of errors. I added from time to time new parts and details. The track is from [...]