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Afghani Northern Alliance Tank Transporter Diorama

Here is a diorama showing the arrival of a Northern Alliance T-55 being welcomed by Afghani militia. The tank transporter is Takom’s MAZ-537, the T-55 is from Trumpeter. Figures on the vehicles are from Paracel Miniatures, the rest are [...]

Honved...1/48 Krupp Protze with 3,7cm Pak, Hungarian Army

11/2021 Next one finished. One of my dad´s excursions to the 1/48 armour world. To avoid the usual single grey look, I searched for something different. Came across the 1/35 Bronco kit wich included a 3-tone prewar and a 3-tone Hungarian [...]

Sonderwagen M8, Pt. 2

Greetings to all forum members. In this post, I am finishing the construction of the M8 Greyhound from the Bundesgrenzschutz or Federal Border Guard, the first national armed service of West Germany, created in 1951. Here is the step by [...]

Tamiya 1/48 SU-122 Assault Gun

History: The SU-122 was an assault gun based on the chassis of the T-34 tank. Its development began with an April 1942 specification for mobile assault guns using weapons of 122 mm or higher. The SU-122 was designed at the Uralsky Machine [...]

Tamiya 1/35th scale JS-2

Greetings & salutations my fellow modelers! This is a kit I recently completed. The photography needs improvement. Tamiya starts you with a great basic kit, an excellent launch pad for adding or creating your own extra details, [...]

1/35 M4A2 Marine Sherman by Academy

Thought I might share my older work from last year, this is the M4A2 Sherman from Academy, in 1/35 scale. I understand that how 'weathered' for a working tank could be controversial. Despite that, I just wanted to make mine look special. [...]

IDF Sho’t Kal & M51 Super Sherman

Hello everyone! It's my first post here. These are my works on IDF's Sho't Kal & M51 Super Sherman. They are in 1/35 scale, from AFV Club and Academy respectively. I built the M51 first, so you could see some differences, or [...]

Marines M48A3 Patton Vietnam War Tamiya 1:35

Recently finished for a friend,this is the classic old Tamiya kit...tks for visiting!

Tamiya 1/48 T-34/76F

From December 2005, my first armor kit in nearly mumblemumble years, isn't that a long time? History: German Field Marshal Von Kleist said, "Their T-34 was the best in the world." The T-34 tank is legendary as the armored [...]

Leo 2a6 revell 1/35

Leo 2a6 Revell 1/35 Colours: gunze Varnish: winsor galleria Simple model kit with no fitting problems. A change to my buildings... hehe lets get back to aircrafts. I hope you like it. Thank you for watching. Good evening from Greece