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1/35 Panther G by Tamiya

Designed as a response to the Russian T-34, the Panther was considered by many to be the finest tank of WWII. Although it experienced significant teething problems in its earlier renditions, it was fine tuned into a dependable well armored fist[...]

1/35 SU-85 by Italeri

The Russians quickly realized the advantage of assault guns as anti-tank weapons. After all, their tanks were being eaten up by the German Stug series. Thus the excellent T-34 had its turret removed and a new upper hull citadel designed to car[...]

Tamiya 1/48 Flakvierling 38

A very effective and versatile weapons system, and found mounted on everything from battle cruisers to railroad cars. Normally fired in diagonal pairs, it's Mauser 20mm cannons could spit out 800 rounds per minute. Emergency mode allowed all fo[...]

Spoiling the Wing party with a ground pounder….

Tamiya's rehash of the 1/35 CMK Panzer 35 (t). This is a nice'n easy build for thems of you that would like to try an armor kit. Tamiya put in a new track sprue and guns, even so I used a Lion Marc barrel, it's got the tiny holes in the muzzle b[...]

Flak 88

Here is the nemesis of a lot of the aircraft posted here. It is an original release Bandai 1/48th scale kit that came with figures & transport carriage (not shown). These were exceptional kits for their day. There was a whole series of diff[...]

Japanese Type 95 Ha-Go light tank

Time for something that clanks. This 'lil beastie was the only enemy tank to tread on U.S. soil in WW2, a couple being present on frozen Kiska Island in the Aleutians. Dragon's new 1/35 Ha-go is a beauty, easy to build, low parts count. Only fly[...]

Public Service Announcement

I wouldn't normally post an in progress build here but this one needs to be shown so anyone else contemplating this kit will know what they are getting into. This is the Revell 1st rerelease of the Renwall "Military Wrecker" circa the late 50's [...]

BIG little gun

This is the Dragon 1/144 K 9 Leopold from a couple years ago. I assembled and painted this at work over lunches. At the time I had access to a paint booth so it was a fun way to spend lunch. This remains the only kit that I have have ever finish[...]

1st finished since the move

This is the Trumpeter 155 M198 howitzer #02306, nice kit, goes together well, no real problems. Kit has some photo etch, no metal barrel though. Built OOB, painted with Vallejo 70.819 IRAQUI SAND. First time using their paint and first time usin[...]

Well, Part of it Flew

This is a Iraqi Hussein SS-1C. It was developed in Russia as the Scud B. Iraq started with that & added a auxiliary rocket. The missle fired from a vertical launch position. The kit is by Arii. It is 1/48th scale but is still 12" long. It is[...]