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All about AFV and other military model making.

UM Gaz aaa trcuk in 1\48th scale

The Gaz (truck platform) was developed in the mid 30s and used in many roles from anti aircraft to fire engines The UM kit is fantastic, great detail and scale with no surprises along the way. hope you enjoy

Some more “fun” with Armor ! Stug III

Here is a Dragon Stug III "Smart Kit" with a Dragon Loading tank crew. Both are out of the box, and I just added a little bit of chain and that's about it. Like everything else I have been doing, painted with Tamiya Acrylics and weathered with W[...]

“Off to the front !”

This is the Tamiya 1/35th scale French UE armored carrier, built straight out of the box with lots of different accessory items from Verlinden, Tamiya and the spare parts box. I wanted to try a little diorama so I used Custom Dioramincs figures [...]

1/48th scale SAS jeep

I thought I show you another little goodie I worked on, this time in 1/48th scale. It is the Willies Jeep, with a Black Dog conversion set. Mostly an exercise in painting and detailing, with a base sculpted by a friend of mine. Enjoy !!!

Thunderbolt VII – “Easy 8″

Tank Veteran Recalls Yule Dash to Bastogne By Dick Habein Published in Stars and Stripes, December 27, 1949 Nazi propagandists used to say that before a man could join the 4th Armd Div he had to be nameless and guilty of matricide. If the aver[...]

Let’s start with some 1/72nd scale armor

I wanted to start contributing with some 1/72nd scale armor I did a couple of years back. The first one is the Dragon LVT-4A1 from WWII and it was a joy to build and paint. Just an out of the box kit build, so I had the joy of a quick completion[...]

Sd.Kfz.232 (Tamiya 1/48)

There is not so much to say about this model. Kit is easy to assemble and it was a really pleasure to work on it after short run kits. I wanted to try some of the weathering techniques - different filter colors, oils, pigments, etc. It's not so [...]

D-Day build – 1/48th Tamiya Sherman

Finally got some bench time and finished the M4A1 Sherman tank (which, by the way, barely fit in the landing craft - even though they're the same scale). I chose not to weather heavily, as this example was meant to depict a Sherman just arriving[...]

Meng Char 2C 1/35

This is the Meng kit, I can't say enough about the engineering of the kit, it's the best I've ever encountered. I haven't weathered or decalled it yet, (weathering will be 'severe', the upper run tracks make a real mess, according to the picture[...]

Tamiya 1:35 Scale Steyr Type 1500A/01 Multipurpose 1.5 ton Truck

The Steyr 1500A/01military transport vehicle was produced in Austria for the Wehrmacht in accordance with the vehicle standardization "Schell Programme" of 1940. Developed using the chassis of a 1500A 1.5 ton truck, the 1500A/01 housed an eight [...]