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Hi folks! Here is my 1/9 scale Kawasaki H2R Ninja from Meng models. I chose the pre painted version of the kit for something to put together at work. As some of you already know, I spend a lot of time at sea and don’t have access to an [...]

Trick Star Kawasaki Ninja H2R

The Kawasaki Ninja H2R was introduced in 2014, and was the company’s flagship motorcycle. Different parts of the Kawasaki engineering empire collaborated in achieving the aims of the designer, particularly the installation of the [...]

Medium Logistics Vehicle Wheeled MLVW

This is the Canadian Army’s now Retired. 6 wheel drive standard medium troop transport. Complete scratch built. They were built by Bombardier in the 1980s. They are based off of the Late American M35A3 truck. This model is built from the [...]

Motorcycle GB: Suzuki GSX1100S KatanaTamiya 1/12

Tonight, I've finally had a bit of time to get some pics taken of my most recent completion, a Suzuki Katana. I've had this kit partially built in my stash for 12-15 years, languishing away only half completed. At the time I started it, I [...]

Yamaha Vmax 2004

Greetings to all forum members. Every now and then, among so many military models, a civilian model appears... This time I want to show you this Aoshima kit, in 1/12 scale. It is built straight out of the box. The fit of the parts is good, [...]

Tamiya 1/20 F1 SF70H

This is, of course, a Ferrari, in fact it was the Scuderia’s 2017 entry in the Formula One World Championship. Tamiya released this 1/20 scale kit in 2018, and so far, it’s their last F1 kit apart from a couple of re-releases from [...]

Two Yamaha YZF-R1s

The Yamaha YZF-R1 needs little introduction to motorcycle fans, and has been featured in these pages before by my friend Richard McStay, indeed he says it’s his favourite bike. Introduced in 1997, it featured a 1000cc engine in a [...]

Ducati Panigale Racer, Tamiya 1/12

Browsing the internet one evening, as you do, I came across an after market set of transfers to help turn Tamiya’s road going kit into a World Superbike Racer. When the transfers arrived there were no instructions or maker’s name, [...]


Aoshima 1/12 BIKE series No.86, BLACK LOW RIDER V-TWIN CUSTOM has been assembled. This kit was originally released by another manufacturer and reprinted about 10 years ago, but I recently obtained it and tried to assemble [...]

Nu Nu BMW M6 GT3, 1/24

Just to prove that I don’t just do motorcycles these days, here’s Model Nu Nu’s 1/24 kit of the BMW M6 GT3. Nu Nu are fairly new on the scene, they are based in Macau, but seem to be part of the Aoshima group. I think that the [...]