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Monogram’s 1959 Cadillac

My first photo show's my real 1958 Cadillac in 1960 at "La Playa de Tamarindo" in Mexico where I would leave cold Ohio winter's and come often for a vacation with my adopted Mexican family, "El familia de los Guzman's"/The Guzman Family. (just[...]

1/24th Lamborghinni

This model was very easy to build so go buy one if you can fine it as I bought the kit back in 2007. I don't have any information as who made the kit. The "yellow"plastic looked so good so I started to polish it with my "Blue Magic Metal/Plasti[...]

Another Pink Car !

I found another kit that showed a "Pink" car on the box top art work. Since I had lots of pink paint left over from painting my Cadillac and 2 airplanes, I just had to buy this car? I spruced up the engine with homemade spark plugs and several [...]

The Cadillac Engine

The engine was easy to build. I added spark plug's and their ignition wires, including a coil wire. I included an engine and transmission oil dip sticks. The wooden pallet represents the kind of "skid" that they put engine's on for shipment to [...]

My First Car

I got tired of building airplanes, but I still wanted to build models, so I though"Why Not A Car?" I went to "D-n-J Hobbies" in a nearby town and just wondered over to their model car section. Wow! There was lots of plastic car model kits for [...]

Lancia 037 Chardonnet

Hi, After a lot of tanks and airplanes I have a need to do something else, so tried my first car model :-O It was a gift from last Xmass, and after two weeks here is result. Kit is from Hasegawa 1/24 ;-) and because my wallet is emtpy I used fav[...]

Zundapp KS 750 with sidecar

After building the tiny INDIAN 741B I wanted to try another motorcycle but a bigger scale. So, I got me an ITALERI kit of the Zundapp KS 750 with the sidecar scale 1:9 and boy was it bigger. Still, a fun kit to build with lots of detail and part[...]

Creepy Crawly…DONE!

What a fun kit! The final assembly fought me a bit as the windshield did not fit well, but I got it in and some future brushed on with a soft brush cleared it up. I left off the radiator that sits in the middle of the body on top, as I felt it[...]

Takom MAZ 537 , 1/72 .

My Takom MAZ 537, 1/72 ... :)

1971 Ferrari 312B – Jacky Ickx – Tamiya 1/12

Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I completed this model earlier this year after 4 months work. I was happy how it turned out. Here are some of the build details: MFH Brown clear fuel line (P975) MFH zip ties (P1089) Masterclub 1.4 mm[...]