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1/48 Tamiya Me-262 Schwalbe

Still probably the best kit of this bird in quarter scale, with Aires detail set. I did suffer a bit of "going into details too much" with this one, but i think the result is more than satisfying. There aren't any problems mating resin with pla[...]

Trumpeter 1/144 Mavis Flying boat

This was my first venture into 1/144 and flying boats. I added all of the cross wire bracing and the four antennaes. Box decals are used and the white and blue striping is paint. Stand came with the kit. Great kit, and fairly easy to build.

1/32 P-40L Warhawk

This is the Hasegawa 1/32 P-40 (actually the "Kittyhawk III/P-40M" iteration) with the Greymatter Figures conversion for the Merlin engined P-40. Zotz decals. The model currently resides in the home of the real "Duchess of Durham."

Kyushu J7W3 Shinden Japanese “Jet Ace” 1947

Well, how about another “what if” history project? I hope you don’t mind. This started off as just a regular build of the Hasegawa Kyushu J7W1 Shinden. This aircraft had long fascinated me, with it’s unorthodox canard design and sort of “Star Wa[...]

1/48 Classic Airframes Fokker DXXI

This is Classic Airframes earlier release of the Fokker DXXI. I understand that they have released a later kit that is easier to build. This kit is the usual multi-media kit with p-e and resin parts in addition to the injection-molded pieces. Al[...]

1/48 Smer FIAT Cr32

This is Smer's FIAT Cr32. Many of Smer's kits are old Artiplast re-releases and are very crude. They are usually in 1/50th scale. This one seems closer to actual 1/48th scale. The decals were useless (yellowed and only in Austrian Air Force mark[...]

Hasegawa 1/48 Nakajima Ki-27 ‘Nate’

This is Hasegawa's release of an old Mania kit from the 70s. It is a very easy kit to construct and fits together well. It comes with decals and canopies for both the Ki-27a and Ki-27b. The Ki-27 served the Japanese Army Air Force from 1939 to t[...]

1/32 Spitfire on floats

This is the Greymatter conversion to do the Spitfire Vb on floats, using the Hasegawa kit. It definitely looks like a Schneider Cup racer.

RF-101B Voodoo “Black Magic”

This is the Monogram 1/48 kit. I've built it in a pseudo-Blackbird scheme I guess. I used various black enamels, eg. semi-gloss, flat, and gloss and then used the same type finishes in clear acrylic. The decal are from a F-117 set, iirc. Onc[...]

1/32 Spitfire XII

For some reason, the Spitfire XII has always been my favorite of the Griffon Spits, I just like its look. This is MB862, EB-E of 41 Squadron, the last Spitfire XII on operations when it scored 2 German fighters in late September 1944 just befor[...]