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It is so easy to do that it's hard to explain. See how it works and welcome onboard to try.

Video: Sturmgeschütz IV with Zimmerit - 1/72 - DragonTank Model

Meng 1/35 9K37M1 BUK launcher

An excellent kit by Meng

SAAF Buccaneer S MK 50, 1/32 scale, Scratch Build, Finished

Hi everyone, it has been quite a while since I have posted anything on the site, work and life just got in the way, so I hope you guys have not given up on me. Here are the final build pictures of my 32nd scale Buccaneer S Mk 50, South [...]

Eduard Fw190D-9

Eduard 1/48 Fw190D-9. JV44 Flown by Lt Heinz Sachsenberg (104 victories) The translation of the writing on the fuselage is "Sell my shroud, I am leaving for Heaven" Found abandoned in Munich Riem, April 1945. If I'm honest, [...]

Hawker Typhoon FR Mk.1B

I like to find things that are just a little different to build, which led me to this Typhoon tactical reconnaissance aircraft. These builds often send me down a rabbit hole chasing information on obscure aircraft, and so it was with this [...]

That's what I would have liked to experience: a P5M Marlin taking off!

It must have been a breathtaking experience when a thirty-metre-long flying boat, like this Martin P5M Marlin, made the water spray under the roar of its 3500 hp Wright 3350 engines running at full power to get the 36 000 kilos of maximum [...]

Eduard 1/72 Spitfire MK.IXc Early.

This is build one from "The Longest Day" box set. My first Eduard Spitfire and while it is beautifully detailed I think it may be a tad over engineered for 1/72. The wheels came in 4 parts each the underwing radiators were 7 [...]

Desert Air Force Spitfire Mk.VcEduard 1/48 Profipack

This is a non-box 1943 Desert Air Force Spitfire scheme using the Mk.Vc Tropical (with Volkes air filter) optional parts from Eduard's absolutely excellent new Mk.Vc ProfiPack kit. It has the slightly awkward and unnecessarily fiddly [...]

The Martin T4M-1 and Plus Models

This article is both a review and commentary on the new Plus Models 1/72 Martin T4M-1. Previous T4M-1s have been released in resin (Ardpol 1/72) and as a vac-form (Esoteric 1/72). This is Plus Models first foray into 1/72 aircraft and to [...]

The wages of writing :-)

So, some of you may have noticed over at the Eduard website that they have an actual historian writing their Wildcat history (with more to come). That would be yours truly, who was asked by Vlad if I would do that, and said [...]