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Nieuport 17: William Wellman

Hi All, With my last two builds, this one, and the next upcoming post I seem to be on a bi-wing kick. Not planned that way but that's the way it worked out. At the start of this build I came upon the fact that film director, William [...]

Yamaha Vmax 2004

Greetings to all forum members. Every now and then, among so many military models, a civilian model appears... This time I want to show you this Aoshima kit, in 1/12 scale. It is built straight out of the box. The fit of the parts is good, [...]

AMT 1/48 P-70 Night Fighter

In October 1940, upon USAAC’s feeling a need for long-range fighters more than attack bombers, a decision was taken to convert sixty of the production run of A-20s to night fighter status, all delivered by September 1942. The so called [...]

Hasegawa 1/72 SOC Seagull

This is my first RFI post and I've chosen the Hasegawa SOC Seagull as the subject. This is an old kit and not really any particular version of the prototype. For example the kit cowling includes engraved (though inaccurate) cowling flaps [...]

1/48 Tamiya M-8

This will be the companion for the jeep I recently posted. I’ve debated about adding more storage and weathering but decided to wait until I create the actual diorama I have planned. Until the figures get painted, the M-8 is done so here [...]

Panzerwaffe workhorse-Pzkw IV "F" model. Tamiya 1/35

There's plenty of info out there on this one, so won't go hunting and pecking too much. Just suffice to say, this one was the load carrier of the Panzer divisions for most of the war. Tamiya just came out with two "F" versions, [...]

Attempts at 1/72 aircraft.

Hello. After returning to the hobby, with a 40 year break, these are my attempts at 1/72 aircraft from the past few years. They are roughly in chronological order. I started off with rattle cans and brush then bought an airbrush a year or [...]

1/48 Tamiya Jeep

Another 1/48 gem from Tamiya.

One of the first of the many, last of the first. F-4H-1{F-4A} BuAer no.145317, 1/72.

As far as I can tell145317 was the last of shorter narrow nosed Phantoms one of eleven development aircraft F4H-1-MC[Block2b]. A new feature was the new AAA-4 infra-red seeker which was below the radome containing the APG-72 radar with its [...]

Modelsvit 1/48 F-82H Twin Mustang

In October 1943, the North American began work on a fighter with an unrefueled range of over 2,000 miles. The twin-fuselage design was similar to the Messerschmitt Bf 109Z "Zwilling." Although based on the lightweight [...]