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It is so easy to do that it's hard to explain. See how it works and welcome onboard to try.

Fantasy flying village

A scratch built diorama based upon a painting i saw once. The buildings and sky ship are resin prints while the island and base are made up from insulation board and filler with a brass armature inside to give it strength.

Medium Logistics Vehicle Wheeled MLVW

This is the Canadian Army’s now Retired. 6 wheel drive standard medium troop transport. Complete scratch built. They were built by Bombardier in the 1980s. They are based off of the Late American M35A3 truck. This model is built from the [...]

Eduard 1/48 Martlet III

In October 1940, Greece was attacked by the Italian Army. Though the Greeks repulsed the first Italian attack, the situation was difficult because Hitler was ready to reinforce his ally. A Greek Purchasing Commission came to the United [...]

Fez-day Night Live! - Finishing the Valery Grygorenko Memorial group build1900 BST/1400 EST

Tonights Show: Join me as I finish off the ICM BF109 F4 for the Valery Grygorenko Memorial group build - Tonights Topic of Conversation - Why diversity in the hobby is not a bad thing. (link)

Monogram 1/48 Cletrac M2

The M2 is a fully tracked vehicle designed to tow aircraft on primitive airfields. It was equipped with a 10,000 lb winch with 300 ft of 3⁄8 in cable, an auxiliary 110V generator and an air compressor. It was powered by a 404cid Hercules [...]

Video: M3 Lee - 1/35 TakomTank Model

1/48 "The War of the Worlds" Diorama

Completed in 2022. The idea behind this diorama was to suggest the attack on Los Angeles in the 1953 movie "The War of the Worlds." Three kits were combined. Pegasus 1/48 Martian War Machine. Verlinden 1/48 Ruined Street Sections [...]


Riproduzione del faro Francesco Crispi, anche detto faro Mussolini, le cui spoglie e rimanenze si trovano ancora in Somalia. Iniziato nella sua prima versione in carpenteria metallica nel 1924 e rifinito in pietra nel 1930 in località [...]

Review: KP 1/72 S A Bulldog T I Review

Skydiving Elk...1/48 Saab B17A, Svenska Flygvapnet

And another of my dad´s models has passed the finish line. After the Harvard, here´s the second of three Swedish subjects. Tarangus kit which has short-run character, so some more work is needed. Kit decals were great. Added Eduard [...]