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More zebra!

I should have put these photo's in with the story. The first photo shows a real Zebra, and the rest of the Zebra's are made in a factory. I think !!!!!! I made my instrument panel to look like one of these, but I'm not sure, however this is my[...]

1/48 F-22 Raptor

This is the Hasegawa 1/48 scale F-22 Raptor. I used the Ares resin cockpit detail set and the Eduard resin missiles, interior, exterior, and weapons bays photo etch sets to detail the kit. I also scratch built many of the wiring and hydraulic li[...]

1/350 USS Carl Vinson CVN-70

Here is my project of the USS Carl Vinson. This represents how she was at the start of her maiden deployment on March 1, 1983. This deployment was a World Cruise starting in Norfolk Virginia and ending in San Francisco California. I served aboa[...]

Mom’s 1/48 Academy P-38

This build is a tribute to my late mother and is not representative of any P-38 that actually flew. However, I did steal the nose work idea from Richard Bongs' P-38. Years ago when I started building models again mom asked me if I would build he[...]

Do I really need another Spitfire in my collection? Oh, yes! (or: how an old dream came true)

To the fortunately unasked question of whether "another Spitfire" is really necessary, I would answer: of course! One reason for this lies in the enormous range of what "Spitfire" can mean, as a Mk.I has very little in common with, say, a Mk. XI[...]

Trumpeter 1/32 A-10 Warthog

This is actually a fairly easy kit to build. The main problem area is the fuselage - I had to use a lot of filler. The canopy is not accurate so I bought a vacuum-form replacement. However, I couldn't make the canopy resin parts work with he [...]


Minicraft made a very nice 1/144th scale "C-97 STRATOFREIGHTER" model, which had next to no flashing on any of the kit parts. It's an O.O.B. model and all I added to it was some small black "b-b's" in the nose, however when I set it on all 3 ge[...]

Last living Flying Tiger gone.

Having been privileged to know five of these guys - three pilots, two groundcrewmen - this is a sad day. They were an amazing and inspiring group. Quite a week for "lasts"

“Banana Wars” DH-4B

Airco DH-4B "Liberty" The DH-4 entered service in WWI with England in 1917 and was built entirely of wood construction. After US entry into the war, several companies began building DH4s in US, with changes including the American-designed and bu[...]

Starfury launch bay

This is the old Revel Babylon 5 starfury kit. I wanted to make a nicer stand for it than the kit offering and, anyway, one thing led to another and I ended up with a scratch built launch cradle and bay. The kit has a few modifications including [...]