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Scribing Templets

The Blue ink on the aluminum says: APRIL 17, 1997 and today is November 7, 2020. All I do is flatten the 0.05" thick aluminum can material then draw on my pattern with a pencil, then scribe it in with my pin vise that has an ordinary needle in[...]

Spitfire Mk.Vb with DB605 engine, 1/48

The story can be searched online, suffice it to say the Germans made some tests with the engine from a 110 and the propeller from a 109. I bought two different conversions, and ended up with the Fusion resin conversion for the Tamiya Spitfir[...]

U-boat surfacing

An experiment with resin using the 1/350 Revell U-boat kit.

Ian McQue inspired airship

This is a kit bash / scratch built model inspired by the designs of Ian McQue. Hope i did him justice...

F-15DJ Japanese Aggressor Build Part III . . . The Final Assembly

Hello Friends, This is the Final Part of the Build. I do the weathering, decaling and the final assembly of this F-15DJ. It has taken me around 20 days to build this model and I feel that it still is incomplete. Specially the decals and the[...]

Vac Wings Northrop BT-1 in 1/48

The Northrop BT-1’s claim to fame is being the proof-of-concept aircraft that led to the development of the famous Douglas SBD Dauntless. Entering US Navy service in 1938, the BT-1 introduced the hydraulically actuated perforated dive flaps whi[...]

Curtiss XP-55 – 1/48 Modelsvit

Another one completed for the shelf, this time another popular kit from Modelsvit, the Curtiss P-55 Ascender. This plan is unique for a number of reasons, but most obvious is its swept wing profile and its rear facing pusher prop. I can't sa[...]

Airmodel 1/72 Heinkel P.1078C Resin

Hi everyone! This is my 1/72 Airmodel Heinkel P.1078C Resin kit. The Heinkel P.1078 (He P.1078) was a projected single seat interceptor developed for the Luftwaffe by Heinkel aircraft manufacturing company under the Emergency Fighter Program d[...]

Airfix 1/48 Boulton Paul Defiant, 264 Squadron, England, July 1940

Hi all, Hope you are all doing fine. My next submission is a 1/48 Boulton Paul Defiant from Airfix. A remarkable plane which was eventually not that successful in combat. The build itself was pretty straight forwarded. No real issues, but this [...]

1/35 Vietnam war bunker and Mortar pit …

The bunker , Completely made from Apoxie sculpt,