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It is so easy to do that it's hard to explain. See how it works and welcome onboard to try.

Douglas A-20B Havoc desert diorama 1/48

Hi everybody! For my first article I chose my desert diorama, which was presented also in Moson model show in Hungary in april 2014. It was noticed by the editor of who gave the invitation to post the photos here. Thank you [...]

Today finished another project: !!! Japanese naval pilot. Nanchang, South China 1941, MDC, Scale: 1/32

a little bit of relaxation I painted the figure of Japanese naval pilots manufacturer MDC in 1/32 scale. By: P.k

1/25 Airfix Maserati Boomerang... and a warning for those who don’t know!

What we had here was a Maserati Boomerang. We'll start off with the warning. It doesn't matter how cool you think it is outside, don't leave your models in the car with the windows rolled up! The body on mine had softened and settled over [...]

A-90 Orlyonok 1/144 Zvezda

Unusual for me to scale and theme. But it was interesting to build a ekranoplan (WIG). Best regards, Vlad.

iModeler September Awards

Once again it's time to award a selection of last month's contributions here at iModeler. September was another busy month, bringing exactly 100 headline articles and 2198 readers' comments. As usual, we're awarding the iModeler Best in [...]

P-47D Thunderbolt Razorback

The aircraft itself doesn't need to be introduced in very detail. Big radial engine, 8 guns, superb speed and thoughness, this is the real workhorse designed to deal with heavy damage and spread a panic inside the enemy's formation... [...]

1/48 Lightning F.2A

Here's a few more photos of the Airfix Lightning I posted last week. The camera was feeling cooperative this morning. If it's your first time seeing it, it's finished with Floquil Bright Silver and various Humbrol enamels. Thanks for [...]

1/48 Trumpeter F-100C TuAF Expanded Version

This is 1/48 Trumpeter F-100C finished with Turkish Air Force markings Built process existing in work on progress section . Trumpeter kit needs correction on the nose.So I used AMS resin set to correct the shape of the nose. Cockpit [...]


hi, it's a 1/24 Fujimi kit, no problem for building this...

Vasily Zaytsev: Second Sighting

About a year ago I posted a few images of my first figure painting, famed Soviet sniper Vasily Zaytsev, the bust itself modelled on the period of Stalingrad 1942. I recently used the base for this figure for the Sgt. Masterson bust (posted [...]