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1950’s Model Aircraft Rewind

Like many of you, I've built my share of models when I was a youngster. And perhaps like me, your model inventory got thinned out on the 4th of July. For some unknown reason the models I present today are an anomaly. Similar to the aircraft bon[...]

Speaking of the old ones…Aurora Breguet….

Back in the day (again?) Aurora's WW1 jobs were some of the better models out there. They were outstanding compared to say, the burgundy Messerchmitt or yellow Zero. I built almost all of them back then, and have a pile today, for nostalgia. My [...]

Just a little something different…

Normally I do not do any type of figure kits, and quite frankly I don't really like to do them. However these I did for a very good friend of mine. Not only did we work together for many years, we have been very good friends.I did these in excha[...]

Aurora SBC-3 Helldiver

Out of the box expect for the prop which was lost, raised detail removed and marking from Yellow Wings Decal sheet for the movie Dive Bomber. Purchased in 1984 finished in 2007. Rick

1/48 General Dynamics F-111A Prototype RTD&E #1

This is the old Monogram, ex-Aurora, F-111A Swing Wing Fighter kit. I back dated the kit to represent the first RTD&E aircraft. Backdating the aircraft wasn't that hard. The major modification is the fuel dump area in between the two engin[...]

1/48 Albatros C.III

Used in several capacities during the war, manufactured by several contractors, and still flying at war's end, the Albatros C.III is truly a classic, and so is this kit, it is not, the Special Hobby, or the (early, crude) Eduard kit, it's tha Au[...]

Roden 1/48 SE5a, (Mick Mannock)

This is another old build. It's the Roden SE, the Part PE set was not available when I started the kit, so I scratched some detail, and used the limited old set for the Aurora/Monogram kit. The one up to date PE section was the Eduard prepainted[...]

Kitbashed Nunguesser’s Nieuport 25

I made this a while back, but although not as good as some of my work, I was proud of this effort. It started with a friend giving me a 1/48 resin fuselage for a late model Nieuport, from some forgotten maker. It was two halves, with only a part[...]

Maquette 1/400 Protected Cruiser ‘Aurora’

This was my very first foray into serious AMS. I hand drilled over 400 #80 holes into this ship. Most of those were for the totally scratch built railings. Every stanchion is cut from thin wire and inserted into a hole drilled into the hull t[...]

DH-4 in U.S. Mail Service Aurora 1/48

Another of my builds from my distant past. (When did I get so old?!? ) Completed 36 years ago from the even then ancient Aurora DH-4 kit. Modifications include removal of all surface detail, the markings where depicted by raised outlines remem[...]