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1st finished since the move

This is the Trumpeter 155 M198 howitzer #02306, nice kit, goes together well, no real problems. Kit has some photo etch, no metal barrel though. Built OOB, painted with Vallejo 70.819 IRAQUI SAND. First time using their paint and first time usin[...]

Well, Part of it Flew

This is a Iraqi Hussein SS-1C. It was developed in Russia as the Scud B. Iraq started with that & added a auxiliary rocket. The missle fired from a vertical launch position. The kit is by Arii. It is 1/48th scale but is still 12" long. It is[...]

Tamiya 20mm flakvierling 48th scale

A little dio german flak gun

Pictures from a new member

Hi everyone, I'm a new member, an Englishman currently living and working in north east China. I've returned to plastic kits after a fairly long time as a railway modeller in the UK. My nearest modelling shop is over 300 kms away, so I have to[...]

Tamiya 1\48 Type 95 japanese 4×4 staff car and Rikou motorcycle with side car

These were fun but challenging kits soooo small had to double up the magnifiers for this one my arms just arent long enough to see that clearly aymore Great kits for dioramas. I started building these 1\48 armor as a break between aircraft be[...]

Tamiya Sd.Kfz.251 halftrack 1\48th scale

i reallt enjoy Tamiyas 1\48 mm series of armor the kits are perfect and most have metal chassis to give some weight they are usualy a very quick build this is a german half track used throughout the war this ones has ha a whit wash applied ov[...]

Matilda tank Tamiya 1/35

I don't usualy build armour but I have always loved the Matilda tank.They were actualy built at Vulcan works a now defunct railway engine company about 5 miles from where I live, the workers cottages are still there called Vulcan village. This i[...]

Not a build article, but a nostalgia picture

Wonder who may have built one of these in the past? I got one for a present as a kid when they were brand new and the hottest thing on the market. It was lost in one of my Navy moves years ago and I have wanted one ever since, so I ordered one[...]

Wild Deuce (and a half)

In all honesty, I had not planned on doing a diorama. It just sort of happened! I actually planned on doing a well detailed "Deuce and a Half" with one figure standing beside her but things soon got out of hand. 1874 toothpicks and three year[...]

1/35 DML Sd.Kfz. 184 Schwerer Jagdpanzer “Elefant”

Here is another model I built a few years ago. This was DML's "Premium" kit - I don't even remember why it was called that. The zimmerit was applied and sculpted from two-part epoxy putty (Tamiya), using a homemade tool I fashioned out of scrap[...]