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Need some STEEL around here…..Sausage and waffles…

STURMGESHUTZ!!!!! II that is, type G late production, Saukopf (Pig's head) mantlet, with "Waffle" Zimmerit. This is Dragon's new kit with the Zimm molded right on the surfaces, for lazy folks like me who could not get it right. I did this model [...]

1/35 Stuart by Academy: a Honey of a Tank

The Stuart was an American light tank designed to emulate the cavalry of old -- racing out to spy out the enemy lines, wreak havoc, and dash back home. It was thus named Stuart after the dashing Confederate General who served as Robert E Lee's [...]

1/35 SiG 33 15.0 cm Howitzer by Alan

The 150 howitzer seems to be the universal infantry support weapon, as nearly every army has them. The Wehrmacht entered WWII with significant numbers of towed SiG 33 guns, but soon found it difficult for them to keep pace with Blitzkrieg. Th[...]

1/35 Panzer IV F/f1 by Dragon

The Panzer IV was the workhorse of the German Panzer forces throughout WWII. Though eventually replaced by the Panther, Panzer IVs fought on every front till the bitter end. The F/f1 shown here was an early version which fought with Rommel's A[...]

Tamiya Simca….”My car please !!!”

Still have about two hours to go adding resistance rifle and some euro dust from MIG to the car and base. Tamiya Simca 1/35th scale, with Master Box Figures and some Tamiya German accessories, as well as Bronco Luggage set, and some Euro manufa[...]

1/35, Soviet Armored Aerosan NKL-26

The Aerosan series of armed snow mobiles is not to be laughed off. In the harsh Russian winters of WWII, the Army needed mobile support even in tough snowy conditions. Earlier Aerosan versions had automotive engines and open cockpits. But the[...]

1/35 15 cm artillery, Trumpeter

In September 1939, the German army taught the world the value of coordinating artillery fire with Blitzkrieg (a lesson the Allies learned well and turned back on their teachers). The 15 cm gun was their primary weapon, both in the towed version[...]

1/35 Panther G by Tamiya

Designed as a response to the Russian T-34, the Panther was considered by many to be the finest tank of WWII. Although it experienced significant teething problems in its earlier renditions, it was fine tuned into a dependable well armored fist[...]

1/35 SU-85 by Italeri

The Russians quickly realized the advantage of assault guns as anti-tank weapons. After all, their tanks were being eaten up by the German Stug series. Thus the excellent T-34 had its turret removed and a new upper hull citadel designed to car[...]

Tamiya 1/48 Flakvierling 38

A very effective and versatile weapons system, and found mounted on everything from battle cruisers to railroad cars. Normally fired in diagonal pairs, it's Mauser 20mm cannons could spit out 800 rounds per minute. Emergency mode allowed all fo[...]