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Mouse Rod

Some of you might be familiar with the term "Rat Rod". These are bare bone hot rods in various forms of construction or destruction. Mine is a Mouse Rod because it is somewhere around 1/32nd scale as opposed to the 1/25th scale used most often b[...]

1952 Hudson Hornet

This is Moebius Models' 1952 Hudson Hornet. I never built a car kit before, and may never again, but there was something about this subject I found appealing. I detailed-up the engine - plug leads and other cabling/wiring. You can just make ou[...]

Minicraft 1/24 1958 Triumph TR3A Rally Club Car

This was one of my "dream cars", as a kid. When I saw this inexpensive, "curbside" kit at a vendors booth foor about $3.00, I had to have a go. It has an optional hardtop, and decals. The steering wheel is on the proper side (left), and altho[...]

1/24 Tamiya 1996 JACCS Honda Accord

This is Tamiya's Honda Accord, which is a "curb-side" model, and comes with a ton of decals for the JACCS racing team car, which ran in the 1996 Japenese Touring car series. I picked mine up as one of our club's "$1.00 club" models. (We pay [...]

1/24 Monogram Chaparral 2 D

Jim Hall's famous Chaparral was released in it's 2D form, originally, by Monogram, as a 1/24 slot car, complete with driver, and moveable rear wing. It has been released at least twice in model kit form, substituting a "tub" with wheels, tires [...]

1/25 AMT ERTL Snapfast Plus-Ford GT90

This is how you take a 15 minute snap-tite project, and turn it into week long ordeal. The Ford GT 90 (concept) was a flop ! Considering it's unusal look, it did hve a pop-up "wing" in the rear, which only made it look more so. AMT produced [...]

Revell 1/25 #4 JPS Mustang

The John Player Special (JPS) paint scheme has been around for a long time. I always found it attractive, but what I didn't know was that it came in black/yellow, as well as black/gold. At the time of the Youtube video, this was one of Jack[...]

Honda’s upside down racer

Hi folks, this is the kit that imodeller kindly supplied as my prize from July. It's a model of Honda's 1984 World Championship challenger , as ridden by American Freddie Spencer. For 1984 Honda decided to investigate the improved handling qua[...]

1957 Chevrolet Mild Custom

This started out as a two door sedan. All emblems have been shaved, hood smoothed, chassis given a lower stance & insert applique between chrome removed. Engine is a big block 409, wired & cooled by a photo-etch electric fan. Paint is [...]

A pair of Yamahas

The Moto GP world was surprised when hearing the news that three times world champion Valentino Rossi was moving from Honda to Yamaha for the 2004 season. Yamaha had developed their 2003 machine and were ready to take over the crown from Honda.[...]