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Macchi C.202 Folgore – 21° Gruppo Autonomo C.T. – 1943

Bonjour dear iModelers, I wanted to make a "full options" model, with difficult camouflage, just to test my possibilities. My choice fell on the MC.202 Folgore d'Hasegawa, re-boxed by Eduard in 2016 in Limited Edition (#1132), i.e. with some re[...]

1/32 Scale MB 326 K Scratch Build Part 1

Time for an update for the Impala Mk 2, The build has been pretty much that same as the Mk 1, except for the single seat and the two 30mm DEFA cannon pods under the fuselage. I am building an aircraft that was responsible for shooting down a Mi [...]

Oh noes! TC built a grey jet!

Done for a customer. The only 5th generation jet I find interesting. Definitely a beautiful design, Given my complete lack of knowledge about the Rafale, I will quote here from Wikipedia: The Dassault Rafale is a twin‑engine delta‑wing fight[...]

1/72 Heller Spitfire MK 16E

Started Jan. 2020 Finished March 2020 This kit has been in my stash for over 40 years. The box art on this inexpensive kit from the late 70s caught my eye. A Spitfire in bare metal finish is not that common. I was lucky to see the “Silver Spit[...]

Airfix 1/72 A-4B Skyhawk, VA-15 Valions, USS Intrepid, Tonkin Gulf 1967

Hi all, I posted pictures of this model before, but since I've added the display stand, so I figured that now it's really finished I'd post some pics of the final result. The Airfix kit was an easy build and a cheap one. I spent more on paints [...]

1/72 Airfix F-84F Thunderstreak Diavoli Rossi

1/72 Airfix F-84F Thunderstreak Diavoli Rossi Started Feb. 2020 Finished April 2020 The box art on this kit got my attention right away with the super flashy Italian Airforce Red Devil (Diavoli Rossi) demonstration team livery. The decal sheet[...]

Airfix 1/48 Gloster Meteor F.8

Nice Airfix model, except of nose cone mounting everything was smooth. Hope you like it. Cheers!!

I was maybe 7 or 8 years old…

I was maybe 7 or 8 years old when I found my father’s LP “The Number of the Beast”, I placed it and sat down to listen… I was blown away, I was raised listening to Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Nazareth, Wishbone Ash… but this was SOMETHING… From the[...]

Hasegawa P-3B, Argentinian Navy

This is the Hasegawa P-3C kit converted to a Advanced P-3B configuration, I say advanced since some of the antenna fit resembles that of the P-3C. That being said it is still a P-3 with the Sonobuoy tubes being filled and the P-3C sensor pods be[...]

1/48 Kinetic Spanish F-18

Hi again. Just finished a Spanish F-18 50th aniversary Ala 46 Gando. The kit is good, only the instructions have a problem with the undercarriage because you have two models and the number of the undercarriage is not right . The kit originaly is[...]