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Building, painting and finishing scale aircraft models.

CSM 1/32 Nieuport 23 in British service.

The Nieuport 23 was a French sesquiplane fighter which the RFC received in May 1917, where upon they removed the fuselage mounted Vickers gun and installed a Lewis gun on a Foster mount to the top wing. The aircraft depicted here is the [...]

KSR-5 aka AS-6 "Kingfish" ; Amodel ; 1/72

Today I present another model of the "aircraft carrier killer" - KSR-5. This missile was a scaled-down version of the X-22. The main purpose of the modification was to allow the Tu-16 to carry missiles of this class. The Tu-16 [...]

Tamiya 1/48 scale Kawasaki Ki-61-1 Tei Hien

I finished this on February 1, 2024, just about a month after completing the Tamiya 1/48 F-14A, which I thought, given its size and complexity, was the best engineered kit I had ever built. Well, this Ki-61 is obviously smaller and [...]

24-hour build: Heller 1/72 Arado Ar 96

I've previously published an article about my 24-hour Airfix Widcat, and this build followed much the same online format: start-to-finish in a 24-hour period with frequently posted updates. Unlike the new-tool Wildcat, the Heller Ar 96 was [...]

Hellenic Phantoms: Hasegawa and Meng's 1/48th R/F-4E.

Hellenic Phantoms had colorful variations throughout their long service period in Greece. Years ago, I bult Hasegawa's 'Hellenic Air Force Special' model of an aircraft that commemorates 50 years of the Phabolous. In general, Hasegawa's [...]

Yet Another Sabre from the Garage of Doom1/48 CAC Avon Sabre Mk. 31 Red Roo conversion

Australia's first jet fighter was the DeHavilland Vampire, built under license by Commonwealth Aircraft in 1948-49. The follow-on possibilities included the Grumman Panther and the Hawker P.1081, a project which never went past the [...]

Phönix D. IIa, Special Hobby, 1:48, Fw. Karl Teichmann, Flik 17J, 5 victories

When I recently put the D.I version, it is necessary to add the D.II version from the same manufacturer. Made the same modifications as D.I, plus added aileron balancing that was omitted from the kit. The D.II version had, unlike the D.I, [...]

Paper Model P-40N Warhawk 1/100 scale

Here is another build of Scissor&Plane paper models. this one being the P-40N, there are a lot of unusual models that he has which I desire to build. Just print on some 120gsm paper stock and you're good to go. Cheers.

Another save from the Garage of Doom

Plucked from the Garage of Doom before I spent much of yesterday fighting the (small, thank goodness) leaks in the garage revealed by the Big Winter Storm that hit us. Revell's F-86D Sabre kit(s) allow a modeler to do the early and late [...]

Avro Lancaster B.VII

Lancaster B.VII was the final production version. The main external difference from previous marks was the slightly forward location of the upper turret. This was to compensate for the change in the inclusion of heaver 0.5 machine guns on [...]