iModeler Aviation

Building, painting and finishing aircraft models of all scales.

WingNut Wings RE.8 “Harry Tate”

this is my 1:32 scale WingNut Wings RE.8 from the Duellist boxing. Mostly OOB with a few added details, ignition wires out of lead wire and some vent pipes for the fuel tank and of course the bracing wires and control wires out of monofilament.[...]

Hobby Boss 1/48 Tornado Ids

First time around here, but my builds take a long time 😊 one year to complete this project,🤔 I didn't appreciate this kit, some construction issues, misinformation instructions, I had to use a lot of filler, bad fitting bad decals etc 😒, otherw[...]

Tanagra 114 Combat Wing end of August 1981…

Tanagra, 114 Combat Wing, end of August 1981. The Mirage F1cg, No. 110 after 26 days of maintenance work, for its 1500 flight hours on its assets, was now ready for the test flight. At 11.00 am. the test pilot came and after doing the external i[...]

1/48 Scale F7F-Tigercat

Sometime in the early 1990's I met up with "Pylon Dave Jone's" who lived in Oklahoma/U.S.A. Dave sent me over 500 color 3-1/2" x 5" prints. I scanned in all of the photos, including several black and white prints then made a "master" CD disk a[...]

Dutch Push´n´Pull…RS Models 1/48 Fokker D-XXIII

Built in 2018. A typical shortrun kit with all its disadvantages, also the plastic didn´t respond good to the plastic glue, for example the left tail boom broke off two times, after the model was painted. Gunze and Tamiya acrylics used, sadly ha[...]

1/48 scale Monogram’s AH-64 “APACHE ATTACH CHOPPER”

Sometime in mid 1990 a guy call's me on the phone and say's: "I'll pay you five grand to build me a 1/48 scale Apache Helicopter." I was a bit "flabbergasted-gasted" but I said I will do it. He sent me a package in the mail full of detailed data[...]

Fw 190D9 – HobbyBoss – 1/72

Fockewolf FW 190D9 Luftwaffe JV 44 Papagei Staffel, "White 1", Hptm. Waldemar Wübke, Munich-Riem, Germany, April 1945 Kit: Hobby Boss Scale: 1/72 Decals: Kit's Own Decals Paints: Mission Models, Tamiya, Mr.Hobby, Vallejo Airbrush: Sparmax S[...]

F-5A Freedom Fighter – Testors – 1/48

F-5A Freedom Fighter Turkish Airforce 14904 5th Main Jet Base Date of Arrival: 01 December 1987 ex.RNoAF Kit: Testors (1966 Hawk Mold) Scale: 1/48 Decals: Miscellaneous Paints: Tamiya, Mr. Hobby, Vallejo Airbrush: Sparmax SP020 Scratchbuilt [...]

It’s Not Spock

Inspired by the new-tool Airfix Vulcan, which I immediately put on pre-order the day that was possible, I pulled the GWH 1/144 Vulcan K. 2 out of the stash as my last build of 2019. On the whole it’s a nice kit for 1/144 scale. The cockpit in[...]

Miles Magister M.14A – Special Hobby – 1/48

Miles M.14A Magister I Turkish Airforce White 6 Kayseri Tayyare Fabrikası 3606 Hava Okulu, 1st Training Batallion, 1st & 2nd Companies Date of Arrival: 1942 Kit: Special Hobby Scale: 1/48 Decals: Tigerhead Decals Paints: Mission Models Ai[...]