iModeler Aviation

Building, painting and finishing scale aircraft models.

Promodeler Ju 52/3m

This 1/48th Ju 52 model is among the finest produced by ProModeler. The corrugated surface texture is well reproduced and the kit is well detailed including the interior. The big size and the uneven texture may pose some building [...]

Eduard 1/48 A6M2-N "Rufe"

Photos of Eduard's 1/48 A6M2-N "Rufe". Great kit built mostly OOB except for pitot tube made from Albion telescoping brass rod. I used Uschi nylon thread .005 for the rigging. All markings were painted using custom masks drawn [...]

Blood BrothersTwo Era’s of Thunderbolts

A while back I ran across an article about an A-10 from the 124th Fighter Wing/190th Fighter Squadron painted in World War II D-Day livery as an homage to the Squadron’s heritage and it gave me an idea. I’ve always been a big fan of [...]

Meraviglie in Scala 1:1

Sunday I visited the Vigna di Valle Museum, half an hour's drive from Rome. I was able to see up close many planes that I admire and in particular 3 of the next ones that I want to represent. The Macchi M.39 winner of the 1926 Schneider [...]

1/144 SBD Dauntless (Brengun Models)

I seem to have moved away from the larger scales. God knows what I will do with about 45 Wingnut Wings 1/32 kits, but here we are. As my eyesight deteriorates my modelling subjects are shrinking! I thought I'd try a 1/144 subject, so got [...]

P-35 & its relation to te RE 2000

This was a nice little build from Special Hobby and it seemed appropriate after the RE 2000. These two airframes share a lot in common Steve

Trumpeter 1:32 Stuka

Finally finished this Stuka from Trumpeter. I had no issues building this, apart from spending ages painting the engine, only to find its invisible once you add the cowling and I didn't fancy doing "plastic surgery' (I'm not [...]

Academy 1/48 T-34B Mentor

This is a good kit overall and a quick build. I definitely love the bright colors and markings on this trainer which really stands out from my other models. I scored the joints for the ailerons and flaps and that made a huge difference [...]

A civilian "Mossie" and Niels Bohr in need of oxygen? Well, that sounds confusing, but interesting: BOAC's DH.98 Mosquito and the "ball bearing runs" Britain-Sweden

Christopher Nolan's latest major film "Oppenheimer" offers many haunting scenes, but one in particular has stuck in my mind for a special reason. The character, who plays the Danish nuclear physicist Niels Bohr, has just arrived [...]

RAAF F/A-18C Hornet (HobbyBoss)

With great pride I’d like to show you my first jet fighter model since childhood 😀 Introducing to you my 3 Squadron Classic Hornet, serial # A21-3 of the RAAF (based at RAAF Williamtown, NSW Australia). This model is a breakaway from [...]