iModeler Aviation

Building, painting and finishing aircraft models of all scales.

1/144 LS P-3 Orion

In Bermuda in the 80's I was in high school and grew up with P-3 Orions flying overhead. The Atlantic Soviet sub threat had to be monitored, so squadrons rotated through Bermuda regularly. Interesting how there isn't an NAS Bermuda any more, but[...]

Cyberhobby 1/72 S61A Sea King Antarctica Observation

A very good kit, very rich in detail. Comparing the kit with photos of the real helicopter, the kit gives some extra pieces that I'm not sure if the were to be used, yet other details aren't there at all. Eduard interior and few scratch built a[...]

1/144 R5D-3 Blue Angels

Here is the Minicraft 1/144 C-54 kit released as the Blue Angels R5D-3. I think this livery is one of the most attractive schemes for Blue Angels logistical aircraft carried. I think it perfectly suits the lines of the aircraft. it also has a gr[...]

1/144 C-121 Blue Angels

Another of the Blue Angels Logistics aircraft. When you read the history, it is incredible that The Blue Angels used this aircraft, as it would need a large forklift at every location to load or unload from the very high fuselage! The Minicraft [...]

1/144 TC-130G Blue Angels

I built the Minicraft 1/144 C-130 kit as the TC-130G flown by the Blue Angels. This is the only kit that has these markings in the box, and no one produces aftermarket decals for the TC-130G. You can quickly tell the TC-130G by the Lockheed grap[...]

1/200 Hasegawa C-130 Blue Angels

So, many many years after I built a 1/200 C-130 for my wife's yearly Christmas ornament, I finally got around to using the alternate decals in that kit to make a white C-130 the Blues flew! One odd thing about that airframe is that the two windo[...]

Airfix Bf 109 G-6, 1/72

This was from an old Dogfight Doubles kit (along with a Beaufighter - coming soon). I wasn't actually sure what model of 109 it was, so had to learn about all the variations to figure out what it most closely resembled. Then did some work to mak[...]


最近找到一些舊作品的相片,雖然做的粗糙,但它們都有一個共同點,全都是用手塗上漆喔! 希望大家會喜歡

Douglas C-47 Brazilian AF

Built it for a Brazilian AF pilot,using the Italeri 1/72 kit.

Tamiya’s P-51B in the livery of Don S. Gentile’s “Shangri-La”. USAAF 4th Fighter Group early 1944.

My completed P-51B Shangri -La. I enjoyed this build which was mostly out of the box with the exception of the main landing gear wheels which are from Hussar. I also used the Lifelike Decals set for this aircraft. The build log can be found her[...]