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Building, painting and finishing scale aircraft models.

Video: 72nd scale revolution? NEW P-39Q Aircobra and P-51B Mustang Arma Hobby 1/72 scale kits

72nd scale revolution or not, New Arma Hobby kits are simply amazing, I bought kits at 20% discount price and they worth every cent. Brand New 1/72 P-39Q Aircobra and P-51B Mustang. Disclaimer: I am NOT! being paid to promote this kits and [...]

Grunau Baby Glider, 1/48 Special Hobby

Another gift for my dad... harking back to his gliding days in South Australia in the 1950's. He declared this his favourite aeroplane ever, and he even managed to get his "Silver C" in this aircraft: 5 hours aloft. This was back [...]

Fw 190A-5/U8 1/48 Eduard "Jabo"

Finally managed to finish my first ever Fw190... can't quite believe it's taken me so long to build one. Anyway, here she be: possibly not great, as I had a few issues with the paint finish, but I'm generally pretty happy with it. Finished [...]

USAF C-47 Skytrain

This is a 1/72 MPC C-47... although the box describes it as a DC-3. This is originally an Airfix release kit and had a “Made in England” slip of paper in the bag with the parts . The fit of the parts was generally good, and there was [...]

1/72 DH.98 Mosquito Matchbox PK-116

I finally found time to complete a build that’s been hanging around a while. It seems that I’m busier being fully retired compared to when I was working. I built this as a birthday gift for my brother and it will be a display on his [...]

Rescue from the shelf of Doom: Academy's Mig 21

A long time ago I acquired a two-model deal. The first model (Eduard's Mirage) quickly found its way to the display shelf. I used the Polish swordfish scheme decal of the Mig model on an Eduard model and the model found it way to the shelf [...]

Revell/Monogram 1/48 P-38 J "Stinger"

Kit: Revell/Monogram's 1/48 p-38J Decals: Superscale Lighting Aces #48-1179 Paint: Vallejo Weathering: artist oils, weathering powder, chipping fluid, silver pencil Happy Thanksgiving fellow modelers! After a fun time building one of [...]

F-106 Monogram 1/48

F-102 Delta Dager Revell/Monogram 1/48

Little Red Bus of Amelia

Hello, guys! It was more than two years ago when I posted last time. I restarted modeling this summer, have just finished the latest project. This particular Lockheed Vega (NR-7952) is a historical aircraft with which the famous female [...]