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Building, painting and finishing aircraft models of all scales.

Otaki 1/48 Spitfire Mk. IX (converted from a Mk. VIII)

Another of my old builds from 1989. Made to represent an ace who once lived about 15 miles from where I live. Frank Hill became a flight commander [308FS] and in May-42 went to England where the 31st Fighter Group was flying Spitfires. Hill part[...]

Mitshubishi J8M “Shusui”

These days I cleaned the dust in the display case and found that I do not have pictures of this product. Im build during 2006/2007 he was also awarded at many competitions at home and around the world. Fine Mold 1/48 Mitshubishi J8M Shusui, a pr[...]

Tamiya F-14B, 1/48. The Jolly Rogers.

The need for speed finally hit me and I decided to work on jet subject, today its the Tamiya F-14A kit modified into an F-14B of sorts. As far as I'm concerned this is among the best kits out there in the world of modelling, great details, gr[...]

Classic Kit: Revell 1/72 B-26 H-111 (1966)

The box art on Revell's early 1960s kits was top notch including this one. Most of us kids learned of Flak Bait and it's exploits from the small blurb on the instruction sheet. On this kit I did some minor updates since I had extra parts. I u[...]

FW-190A-5/U-8. Night JaBo

Here my FW190A5 Dragon kit converted to the U-8 JaBo version. The aircraft from 1./ SKG 10 flew from Poix, France in summer 1943 against targets in England. It was build some time ago already. Painted with Tamiya and Gunze paints. All markings[...]

F4F. The wild Cat from the Henderson Field.

Helo. White MF-1, flown by Captain Robert E. Galer, Commander of VFM-224, Henderson Field , Guadalcanal, New Caledonia, September 1942. This is the not bad/not good 1/48 Wildcat from Trumpeter. Build oob. Gunze MR.Color lacquer paints and acr[...]

The New Guinea Samurai. A6M3.

Helo A Zero from the Tainan Fighter Group, Buna, East-New Guinea, 1942-1943. This is a real Oldie. A classic kit from the Tamiya range. Something reengraved. The rest build oob. Hinomarus and stripes painted on. The rest are original kit decals.[...]

Classic Kit: Airfix Do217 (1960)

This is the Airfix Do217 first issued in 1960. It came packaged in a small box and molded in light blue plastic. The model is built as the instructions indicated without alterations and painted with the paints recommended by Airfix. The harde[...]

A hungry giant: Me-321 “Gigant” and Sd.Kfz.9 Famo

Like its namesakes, the giants of classical mythology, the Messerschmitt Me-321 "Gigant" is the subject of numerous myths and stories. Unlike mythology, however, the facts are verifiable here, but they remain remarkable enough! About the Me-321[...]

End of War…1/48 Focke-Wulf Fw190A-8, II./SG2

Built more than 6 years ago. Tamiya kit, Kagero decals, Gunze and Tamiya acrylics used, wheels from the sparesbox, some landing gear detail added, Eduard seatbelts, Kagero Monographs Fw190 Vol.I as reference. Model shows the plane of Major Karl[...]