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1/48 Bf 109E-4

My contribution to 'Attack of the 109' here on iModeler comes in the form of Tamiya's classic kit. Not much to say about this build, it's almost out of the box with just a set of Eduard seatbelts and Aeromaster decals added. As I really like the[...]

Fancy 109 Hasegawa 1/32

This is 10 years old "fantastic class" stuff inspired Pepe Moreno's comic book "Joe’s Air Force". All artworks masked and painted with airbrush. Rest of decals from spare box. Sorry for quality of photos. I had no good digital camera those da[...]

’109 Attack! How could I resist?

Here's some of my '109s from the past several years. In order of appearance- The Old Otaki in H. Bartels markings Original JT-3 (horrors) Hasegawa E-7 (Franzisket) Hase G-10 NJG 11 Original Revell (Kit No. H-33) from the beginning of time in l[...]

Do 335 Conversion to P232/2

I started this conversion in back in October of 2012, and it has been a wonderful challenge to date. This is my first model in about 6 years, perhaps a bit ambitious... but fun none the less. I still have a bit left to go on her and I haven't [...]

1/32 Eduard Messerchmitt Bf-109E1

Another brick to the Wall of "Bf-109s Attack". This is 1/32 Eduard Messerschmitt Bf 109 E1 with the markings of “Yellow 10” (W.Nr.6352) from 6./JG 54 during Fall 1940 in Campagne-France. This Bf 109 E1 was fitted with fuselage mounted ETC250 ra[...]

1/72 Fine Molds Bf-109F-2

I'm in as well! This is the Fine Molds Bf-109F-2 in the colours of 206-victory ace Hans Philipp from JG 54. A very nice kit that builds easily! Decals are from the old Aeromaster "Luftwaffe Top Guns"-sheet of 1990s vintage. Paint is mostly Valle[...]

1/48th Tamiya Bf-109E-4, Making a Sheep Rancher Angry

I have posted this elsewhere previously but in the spirit of 109 madness occuring on this site I thought I would post here. This is again the wonderful and enjoyable Tamiya kit. The markings are purely fictional, I just really liked the weepin[...]

Copper State 1/48 Sopwith 5F1 Dolphin

The Dolphin is the 'Rodney Dangerfield' of Sopwiths. Not famous like the Camel, or even the Snipe, Triplane of Pup, it was 'different'.It was fast (131 mph) and agile, but it had 'backstaggered' wings, the idea was to give the pilot better visib[...]

Attack of the 109s Pt. 8: the last 109, the Buchon – conversion for Hasegawa 1/32 kit

This is the Greymatter Figures conversion for the Hasegawa Bf-109G-4 kit, to create the HA-1112-M1L, the Spanish 109 with Merlin engine. This is an easy conversion, changing the nose and providing wing fences, 20mm wing cannon and Oerlikon rock[...]

Attack of the 109s Pt. 7: The Avia S-199 1/32 conversion of Hasegawa kit

The Czechs called it "Melec" (the mule), the Israelis called it the "Shakeen," (knife). It was nearly the last of the line. As bad a fighter as it might have been, its arrival in Israel changed history. Here's an account of that I wrote: The[...]