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The 2F.1 “Sea Camel” – the first carrier strike aircraft

Ever since the fall of 1914,Zeppelins had been used by the German Navy for reconnaissance over the strategic North Sea, and had participated in both Dogger Bank and Jutland, the major naval surface actions of the war in that region. Throughout [...]

Eduard Camel #2: – Donald MacLaren

While there were many aces who flew the Camel, most of them - such as fellow Canadian aces Raymond Collishaw or William Barker - had flown other aircraft and scored with them earlier in their careers. The top-scoring Camel pilot of the First Wo[...]

Eduard 1/48 Sopwith Camels – Billy Barker

To my mind, the Eduard 1/48 Camel is the best kit of this important airplane available. I haven't seen it available in recent years, but those who are interested in obtaining a kit might drop me a line because I have a local hobby shop that act[...]

Turkish 40′s Fighters

Here some Turkish fighters were in service during WWII. I was always interested in WWII fighters and when I discovered many famous fighters had in service under star and crescent, I found myself in plastic model world starting late 80's. Beg[...]

1/48 Messerspit Tamiya + Fusion Models (Captured Spitfire Mk.Vb with DB605 Engine)

This cross breed Spitfire model was built in 2011. It is 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire MkVb mated with Fusion DB605 conversion set. This aircraft (Spitfire MkVb serial EN850 / NX-X) flown by P/O Bernard Scheidhauer was captured in Jersey island (between[...]

1/24 Italeri 1933 Cadillac Towncar

Had it not been part of General Motors, Cadillac might have perished in the Depression, a time when few could afford -- or wanted to be seen in -- big, expensive automobiles no matter how superb. Unlike independent Packard, which was [...]

Beaufighters – the Tamiya 1/48 kit in several versions

I have always liked the Beaufighter for its pugnacious looks. Here are three I did from the Tamiya kit back about 1997-1999. The first is a T.F.X flown by 27 "Elephants" Squadron in southeast Asia. 27 was the first squadron to equip with the [...]

Trumpeter 1/32 F-8E Crusader

The F-8 Crusader is about as "modern" as I get with jets, and it's my personal favorite "modern" jet. I personally think the Trumpeter Crusader is the best kit of this airplane anyone has done. It is the only one that allows the modeler to bui[...]

1/48 Classic Airframes Northrop F-5A

And here is the last part of my NMF TuAF jets Trilogy. This is 1/48 Classic Airframes F-5A finished few years ago with Turkish Air Force markings. This ex-Norvegian freedom fighter (5-575) was in use between mid of eighties and nineties by 5th [...]

Vought Chesapeake

One of the first SB2U-1 kits, with the godawful short-shot fuselages. I wanted to go "Yellow Wings" here but needed to take the viewer's eye away from the filling of the fuselage "canyons", so decided to do a "Chesapeake." These were the Frenc[...]