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Spoiling the Wing party with a ground pounder….

Tamiya's rehash of the 1/35 CMK Panzer 35 (t). This is a nice'n easy build for thems of you that would like to try an armor kit. Tamiya put in a new track sprue and guns, even so I used a Lion Marc barrel, it's got the tiny holes in the muzzle b[...]

Verlinden 48th Scale Carrier Deck Equipment

A few years back Verlinden Products brought out several pieces of carrier deck equipment that really got me excited. I like to display my models in their natural environment when possible. I found these to be excellent examples of equipment comm[...]

Hasegawa 1/32 Spitfire Vb, S/Ldr Jan Zumbach of 303 Squadron

The Hasegawa Spitfire Vb dates to the mid-1970s. Despite having raised panel detail, with rescribing it makes up into a nice model, though I recommend picking up both the resin cockpit and the Rotol prop from Greymatter figures, both of which c[...]

Trumpeter 1/144th IIyushin A-50 Mainstay

Small scale model of a big aircraft. When it comes to Soviet aircraft, mine are usually 1/72, with a few in 1/48th, and only "fighters". OK, an occasional II-28. When I had the opportunity to pick up 3 big Russian aircraft at a bargain pr[...]

Revell Martin Mariner, Convair Tradewind, Martin Seamaster (box scale)

From days long past...and reissued, (at least once), came these odd scaled, inexpensive little jewels. .I had already built the Tradewind, as a kid, and re-did it as part of a club project on resurrecting old models, I built a second one to c[...]

Hasegawa 1/20 1976 Ferrari 312T2

My first car model in nearly 40 years. I had been waiting for decals for my Trumpeter Wimpy Mk.1c, and happened to see this at my LHS, which was sadly going out of business. It still has wings, however. I have a new-found respect for car guys,[...]

Hasagawa F6F-3 Flown by Alexander Vraciu

When I was aboard Bon Homme Richard, Alexander Vraciu was the Commander of VF-51 flying FJ-2 Fury's. Years later I had the occasion to meet him again and have lunch with him. I gave him this model which he said he appreciated very much. He flew [...]

Monogram’s 48th Scale F-106

One of Monogram's nicest kits. This is OOB, painted with Model Master Aircraft Grey. I penciled in the panel lines to help break up all that grey paint. This is another of my favorite Century Series Fighters.

1/72 Airfix Supermarine Walrus

Nice little kit, with fictitious paint job, possibly of that era, that I just had to do.

Hasegawa 1/32nd Me-109/Bf-109

These kits practically "fall together"....they're a joy to build and (for some), they never get old. As with the majority of my builds, they represent no actual aircraft (as far as I know), but at least they 'look the part', in my opinion. I al[...]