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The art of figure sculpting, modeling and painting.

King Henri Valois’ Bastard

Hey everyone. So this is the finished bust…. it is quite strange really because up until very recently I only painted fantasy, but then I saw something in historical works that really spoke to me. So much so it has […]

Col. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain….100mm figure.

Hi all. I’d like to present my figure of Col. Joshua Chamberlain of the 20th Maine at Gettysburg in 1863. The figure is the 100mm, Michael Roberts Ltd., kit #CW10. He was painted with Vallejo Model Color acrylics. The only […]

Another Australian Flying Corps figure

Hello again, This figure is one from the Elan 13 stable in 54mm scale – a really novel piece for a WW1 pilot. Acrylics overall but oils for the skin tones. When I first saw this model I was unsure […]


Really enjoyed painting these busts but the amount of fur and hair was really tricky! I have some images of the shields too which il post once I can find them. Thanks for looking!

Painting freehand

So this is my attempt at reproducing some heraldry for a knight bust. This belongs the family of Vallois. If anyone is interested I will post pictures of the finished piece once done!

Australian Flying Corps pilot – 54mm Model Cellar

Hi all, been a while since I posted but here is one of my favourites. This started out as the Billy Bishop kit from Model Cellar but I only model AFC so a new head was in order. This one […]

Battle of Teutoburg Forest

Images created during 2018 Moson Model Show at the iModeler booth.

Moson Model Show 2018: The Girl with the Pearl Earring

Images created during 2018 Moson Model Show at the iModeler booth. 360-view (experimental): drag picture left or right to rotate.

Aurora Creature “From the Black Lagoon”

actually the Monogram knock off

Reaper Bones Ogres

So these two are painted to tabletop quality rather than shelf quality. The reason is these are for use in a game. Which means unlike your typical kit/figure they are going to be touched a lot. Normally I prefer doing […]