Scrach Antonov An-2 Egg-Plane

by Korolev Vlad on December 22, 2012 · in Aviation — 6 Comments

Wanted to make a biplane in Soviet painting, serial and bright. The choice is clear, that is the famous “Kukuruznik” An-2. All the more so with the same, only in green color DOSAAF, I had the good fortune to make […]

Airfix Sea Vixen in 1/48 scale.

by Tony Prince on December 21, 2012 · in Aviation — 5 Comments

Having cut my plactic modelling teeth on Airfix, I am delighted to see them coming back strongly with a whole range of superb models. As something different from a diet of F-15s, 16s, 18s, F-4s, Mustangs & Messerschmitts (which I […]

Hasegawa 1/48th P-40E in ‘Sand & Spinach’ scheme

by Erik Wade Whipple on December 21, 2012 · in Aviation — 4 Comments

I built this P-40E to serve as a general specimen to represent how so many of them began their service life, regardless of which allied nation might receive them. I’ve always found the P-40E in the color photograph (above) published […]

Heinkel He-51W , Special Hobby 1/48th

by Ricardo Dacoba on December 21, 2012 · in Aviation — 8 Comments

Hi, This is my Heinkel He51W, very hard to assemble kit. No major changes, is practically fact box. Hope you like it.

ANTK Tupolev 1/72 ANT-25

by Korolev Vlad on December 21, 2012 · in Aviation — 5 Comments

Legendary ANT-25 Tupolev, Sukhoi. Transpolar flight June 18-20, 1937. The plane, operated V.I. Chkalov, G.F. Baidukov and A.V. Belyakov, starting in Moscow for the first time in aviation history flew over the North Pole and landed in Portland (USA). On […]

1/32 Ki.100-1b

by Tom Cleaver on December 21, 2012 · in Aviation — 3 Comments

This is the Hasegawa Ki.61 kit with the Alley Cat drop-fit fuselage conversion for the Ki.100-1b. One of the easiest conversions out there, a good one for a modeler who hasn’t done a lot of conversions to start with.


by Tolga ULGUR on December 21, 2012 · in Aviation — 12 Comments

An old project from the past. This is 1/48 Dragon Junkers Ju-88 A4 with the markings of Stab II /KG 77 in Sicily-Gerbini airfield during 1942. Though it has usual 70/71 camouflage ,it is filled also with RLM 76 and […]

Tamiya 1/35 – M-51 Sherman

by Nick Newell on December 21, 2012 · in Armor — 6 Comments

A period of me-time between contracts afforded the opportunity to make Tamiya’s new 1/35 M-51 Sherman. I’ve been wanting to build a HVSS Sherman for ages and this kit is an absolute ripper – easy to build with fantastic detail […]

1/48 Revell (Pro-Modeler) SB2C-3 Helldiver

by Tom Cleaver on December 21, 2012 · in Aviation — 4 Comments

Another “book project creates a model project” from TCWorld. I am currently writing what is becoming a book that looks like it will be “definitive” – “Fabled Fifteen: Air Group 15 in the Pacific War.” Just this week I got […]

1/48 Tamiya F4F Wildcat

by Keith Gabriel on December 20, 2012 · in Aviation — 11 Comments

Built straight out of the box after being rescued at a yard sale. The model had been painted with a dark blue rattle can and most of the detail had been badly obscured. Luckily the paint stripped off easily with […]