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Farewell Tour 5

“Long Walk Home” - Polish Lancer, Retreat from Russia, 1812. A 230mm resin figure, from Bonapartes Military Models.

Farewell Tour 4

“When the Smoke Had Cleared” - Waterloo, 1815. Three individual 120mm resin figures from Mitch’s Military Models, worked into a Napoleonic vignette.

Farewell Tour 3

“To the End” - Russian Grenadiers, St Petersburg Regiment, Borodino, 1812. A 250mm resin piece from Bonapartes Military Models.

Farewell Tour 2

From Bonapartes Military Models, a 230mm resin “bustorama” of a mounted samurai, modelled by me as Kusunoki Masashige (14th century).

Farewell Tour 1

For various issues, I stood down from most social media modelling forums over the last several months, but still managed to complete a few projects, which I’m posting here in a short sequence of Headlines. That said, I’m now on sabbatical, so t[...]

1/35 K200A1 MIFV Malaysian Army scheme

Greetings, This is a 1/35 scale model kit from Academy model Korean army K200A1, this armor is also used by the Malay Royal Regiment with similar specifications. Here is the model of it in its Malaysia colours (Nato Digital Camo) with added MWM[...]

Erprobungsgruppe 210 loses first leader 15 Aug 1940

Operations against England on the 15th of August 1940 were planned by the Luftwaffe to overpower RAF Fighter Command by heavy attacks on Britain from the southwest to the northeast throughout the day. It was a hectic day of operations for all co[...]

BF 109 afrika … sand and sun

Hi, this was my frist attemp of airplane in 1/32 scale, it is kit from Revell and I want to try some afrika camo. Really I dont know if it is G2,4,6 version ... also marking it is not right and I know it .... but it was fun to build it and I lik[...]

1/700 scale Trumpeter USS Constellation CV-64 – Unboxing

Goodday to all , This is a video unboxing review of the 1/700 scale Trumpeter USS Constellation which released back in 2018, thanks !

Merit 1/35 x-Craft

Hi There, Whilst Innis and I were building his Mustang, I was building this as a side project for myself. I didn't mean to get right into it but after taking it in to work on a Sunday evening to drill out the flood holes it got the better of[...]