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IJN Destroyer IKAZUCHI 1942 (Yamashita Hobby, 1/700)

Let me post a work of Japanese ship. Her name is Ikazuchi, which means simply "thunder" in a very traditional Japanese way. She was an IJN destroyer, the 23rd of the Fubuki class destroyers. The kit was provided by Yamashita [...]

1/48 ICM BQM-34A Firebee

A nice simple model of an important drone. The Ryan BQM-34A was the first in a series of drones used for military purposes. They were used for target emulation, high and low altitude recon, ECM, E-LINT missions and defense/radar [...]

The F4U-2 Night Fighter Corsair

This is my conversion of the beautiful Tamiya 1/32nd scale F4U-1 "Biracage" Corsair. Here's a little background on the dash 2, (for a better, more comprehensive history, check out Tom Cleaver's @tcinla articles here on iModeler [...]

Iranian Phantom: Hasegawa 1/48 F-4E

The Hasegawa 1/48th Phantom variants are excellent platforms to explore the diversity of camouflage schemes of the magnificent aircraft. Here, I used DXM's decal sheet to depict a (probable) early F-4E serving in the Iranian Air Force. [...]

ICM's 1/48 scale Gotha Go242A

Hi, guys... this Go242A kit is a recent addition into my collection and is rather a good kit to build, although there are a few tricky areas as well. Firstly, though, I have to apologise because I only realised a few days back that I had [...]

Review: Kit Review for 1/48 scale ICM Ki-21 "Sally" #48195

This is a model that I have been wanting for many years. I have not included any of the history behind this aircraft. Several years ago I read that ICM was going to someday be releasing a kit of this plane in 1/48 scale. Once I knew [...]

It’s finally here ! ICM 1/48 scale Ki-21 “Sally” kit number 48195

This is a model that I have been waiting for every since I first heard about it becoming a reality. I pre ordered it from Squadron Mail Order when they announced it would be available for pre order purchase. The anticipation was great. [...]

Video: Opel Blitz Omnibus - 1/72 - Roden - AVF Model

UAZ 3909 from Zvezda, 1/35. Pt. 1

Greetings to the members of the forum. This time I want to show you one of the last kits under construction. It is the UAZ 3909 van, from Zvezda, in 1/35 scale. The reality is that I was surprised by the quality of the kit, comparing it [...]

E-50 Standardpanzer (Paper Panzer) (1/72)

E-50 tank in an alternative variant design. My idea behind it was to create a slight departure from the previously known E-50/ 75 designs and incorporated elements of Panther and Panther II. I reduced the original tracks width and used [...]