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On This Day…January 9th.

January 9th, 1941, saw the first flight of the Avro Lancaster. Although the Lanc did not go into production until a year later, the feedback from the very first flight was excellent. Notable in this photo, as well as the drawing below, is the[...]

Farewell Review: This was the last project on my workbench

Thank You everyone for your kind farewell words. I will leave you with this build review I wrote a few weeks ago. It is the FLY 1/32 Hawker Hurricane Mk. IIc. It will be finished in Royal India Air Force markings while operating in the Burma [...]

New Airfix Releases 2019

Airfix just released their 2019 catalogue, and amidst the usual re-releases of all sorts of stuff, there are are some new kits - and what looks like to be new cooperations between Airfix and other manufacturers. So let's take a look at some of [...]

More work on the 1 32 Zoukei Mura…

More work on the 1/32 Zoukei-Mura Do-335. I haven't counted how many part make up the engines, but it's a lot. So far, I've probably assembled a little over half the total parts. There are tons of hoses, pipes, ignition stuff, exhausts and motor[...]

On This Day…January 8th

On January 7, 1945, Thomas Buchanan McGuire took off from Leyte and led a group of four P-38 Lightnings – Tommy himself, Major Jack Rittmayer, Captain Edwin Weaver, and Lieutenant Douglas Thropp – on a fighter sweep over northern Negros Island i[...]

Thank you for all your comments on my first article!

Honestly, I was more than surprised about all your reactions; can't believe it. Thank you so much. David has asked me what my next project would be. So, I chose this one for my second article: WIP! From the pictures you see that I am currently[...]

On This Day…January 7th

Almost a year before the infamous attack on Pearl, this is an aerial view of Ford Island, Hawaii, 7 Jan 1941. Pearl Harbor Naval Operating Base is seen in the foreground and the carrier USS Lexington (CV-2) on the farthest side of Ford Island. [...]

1:32 ‘Wespe’

So each Christmas I try to do a 'clear the bench project' - nothing too taxing, so I can pretty much get done in about two to three weeks. This year, Trumpeter's 1/32 109 E-7 got the nod. Not sure why folks seem to shy away from the Trumpy 109E[...]

1/72 Vickers Wellington Mk. Ia

This is the brand new Airfix Mk. Ia/Ic kit. What a treat this one is! Packed into this 1/72 scale Wellington is a complete interior. I built the Mk. Ia version because the extensive fuselage glazing isn’t painted over. I wanted to see how the [...]

Protar Greeves 360 Challenger, scale 1/9 – Finished

"Tubes", "cables", etc, all done. Consider the Greeves finished. Cheers! Dolf