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The First Guppy

Here's a conversion in 1/72 scale of the "Pregnant Guppy", the first of Aero Spacelines' series of "Guppy" outsize cargo airplanes. The Pregnant Guppy, Super Guppy, and Mini Guppy were based in my home town and they were fascinating to watch fly[...]

HK Models 1/32 B-17G – the Big one!

So far so good - but time consuming to pick out all those parts and paint individually. Hopefully some of the work is seen after I close up the fuselage!!

Dynavector 1/48 Hornet F.1

A further demonstration from Ron's Skyshark of how good Dynavector vacuforms are. This being the Dynavector 1/48 deHavilland Hornet F.1, which I think is one of the best looking twin piston engine airplanes ever made. The initial concept of th[...]

USS Shark

This the 1/72 scale kit from Mobius .No mods just a good piece of wood to mount it on.

VB-83 Curtis SB2C-4 Helldiver

1/48 Pro Modeler SB2C-4 Helldiver Inspired by Tom's posting the other day of an "Essex" Helldiver, here's mine from VB83. I built this one basically OOB with some minor scratch built additions to the cockpit. Construction was simple and strai[...]


I built this Dynavector kit only adding pe seat belts.Dynavector,s kits are very good .Going to start another one soon.I like this model of a very different aircraft .

Got a box in the mail today…

And in it was an Eduard weekend edition 1/48 Hellcat MkII! I've never built a Hellcat before and am definitely looking forward to this one. Thank you Martin and iModeler!

Tamiya’s big 1/32 F4U-1 Corsair to be won in November!

iModeler celebrates its 1st anniversary! November marks our first full year of operation - in many ways, a truly extraordinary year which already feels like much longer. I'm routinely surprised at all the talented people [...]

Fine Molds, 1/48, Mitsubishi J8M1 Shusui interceptor.

This little bugger was a birthday present from my brother. It's the second Fine Molds kit I've build and I must say it's not as good as Tamigawa stuff. Not a great fit of the parts, instructions leave much to be desired. Had to use my fantasy on[...]

SDB-3 Dauntless ‘Battle of Midway’

I was reading Tom's terrific (here in Britain, Armistice Day, first designated to honour the dead of the Great War), and another great battle of the Pacific theatre in WW2 came to mind - Midway. It's always been an interest of mine, and I had[...]