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Schutzenpanzer Marder 1

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This vehicle is going to form part of my "Cold War Gone Hot" series of diorama's. It's the old that I used in the construction series. I've weathered down the original gloss tone to a more realistic matt effect.

First I gave it a pin wash of black on all recessed lines. This gives quite a stark effect.

Secondly I used artist oil Titanium White to start off a faded paint effect and tone down the starkness of the black. I put a small dob of the white on a single point (using a cocktail stick) then worked it in using a cotton ear bud. I then carried on doing one panel at a time, trying to make the effect uneven.

Thirdly I painted in all the episcopes with a white undercoat and then red and green Tamiya clear.

Finally I gave a VERY light dry brushing with Humbrol 64, which is a fairly "neutral" grey, before using my trusty pencil on various points to create a bare metal effect chipping effect.

I hope that you like, but please give me any feedback and suggestions on improve. I love this hobby, it's a constant learning curve...

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    Lis said on March 5, 2022

    great weathering.

  2. Another amazing result, Ian!

  3. Fantastic weathering effects, Ian @ianfoulk96
    Camouflage net looks perfect as well.

  4. Great build! the leaf netting is excellent!

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